Friday, August 26, 2016

I'm Here for the Savasana

I have a small obsession with workout clothes, also now known as athleisure wear.  I see all these cute tanks with sayings on them, my favorite being "I'm here for the savasana."  If you aren't a yogi, savasana is the final pose (corpse pose, actually) of a flow or workout.  You lay flat on your back on your mat with your feet on the edges of the mat and find stillness at the end of hard work.  Or die. I mostly feel like I'm dying during savasana.

My favorite class is called m'bala revolution.  M'bala is heated yoga with weights and cardio.  I like to call it my favorite form of torture.  M'bala revolution makes it that much worse by starting with 20 minutes of spin (usually in the form of tabata intervals) and then 40 minutes of m'bala.  It's hard work. According to my FitBit, I average about 700-800 calories per m'bala revolution class. But I don't mind working hard, pushing myself to spin my legs to where they feel like jelly and then go twist my body into weird contortions and top it off with pushups, so many pushups, because I know at the end I get savasana.  I get to lay down with the fans causing a small hurricane above me and just lay there. It's glorious.

The instructors always talk about how sometimes savasana is the hardest part for people.  Once upon a time, that was me.  I didn't know how to sit still, how to relax.  Now, I've mastered it.  I can be a lazy bum with the best of them. But I also know I work hard for my rest. I try not to get all zen-like about yoga, truly, because sometimes yoga should just be yoga. There are times, though, when I see how it can help change you. I'm not saying that yoga relaxed me, I'd already calmed down some in that aspect, and changing jobs really helped as well. I have learned from yoga, though, to appreciate the savasana. To know that I can do the work, the really hard work, because there's rest.  I can give myself a break and it be okay.  Then get back up and move right along with life.  That's important to remember in all parts of your life, whether at work, at home, or in the gym. Give yourself a break, because we all deserve it.

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