Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Measuring Success - 8/30/16

I started my workout journey in January of this year.  I say workout journey because I haven't really lost much weight, even though that started out as my goal!  It's the end of August and I've decided that at the end of each month, I'm going to do a post about my successes so far.  

I've had to learn different ways to measure my success this time around.  When I was in college, I did Weight Watchers and dropped a bunch of weight pretty quickly.  By the time I was eight months in with that program, I'd probably lost about 30 pounds.  This time, I've lost about 10.  My 30, nearly 31, year old body loses weight a lot differently than my 22 year old body.  If I just look at my weight, I get depressed. So I've made a list of all the successes that I'm claiming as of 8/30/16 and what I'll be measuring moving forward!

Heart Rate
My FitBit Blaze measures both my resting heart rate and heart rate throughout the day.  When I started, my resting heart rate was in the low- to mid-70s. That's not terrible for my age range, but not great.  My resting heart rate now is now about 62.  That's a drop of 10 points! In addition, my heart rate is now lower during a lot of my classes than it was when I started.  In some classes, my heart rate used to get up to 170 and stay there for a while, meaning I was having to work extra hard. Now, it might get up to 165 during a sprint, but it doesn't stay there very long at all.  I'm still burning lots of calories during my workouts, but my heart isn't having to work nearly as hard!

This is probably where I see the biggest change! I'm up to 1.9 miles running non-stop.  I must be honest and say that my running is more like jogging, but I'm still calling it running.  A mile used to do me in, people.  It actually makes Aaron really mad because he used to be the one that was good at running and now I'm kicking his butt (sorry, not sorry!).  I also do two classes on Saturday mornings - barre for 45 minutes and spin for 45 minutes.  One class used to pretty much kill me. Now? I want more!

The one thing everyone wants - a smaller size! In women's clothing this can be especially tricky since everything is made so out of whack.  I've refused to buy bigger than a size 14, but if I'm really and truly honest with myself, I probably was bigger than that size when I started. I'm not out of 14 land yet (admitting your size on your blog is terrifying, fyi), but I'm pretty darn close to being out of it. The smallest of my 14s now fit me, that haven't fit in about two years, and the normal size ones (the regular fit, not the curvy super stretchy fit) are too big. I'm down from a XL in shirts to a L and sometimes a M! On the clothing/shopping front, this is exciting yet annoying.  My pants and shorts don't fit.  You can grab handfuls of fabric out of the front and the back (which never happens, especially the back!).  But I'm not completely down into the next size. I'm close, like button the jeans but can't breathe in them yet close. I could wear them, but I'm too old to not breathe in my pants. And you don't want to buy new clothes until you're completely in the next size.  So until that happens, I'm drying all the pants (and if you're a female, you know how bad that really is). 

Pictures are honestly the best way for me to see the change in myself.  It's hard to see the difference when you look in the mirror day in and day out. Even Aaron says sometimes it's hard to see because he sees me every day.  So I started taking pictures in the beginning.  I took them with clothes on, because no one needed to see all that, so it's not always super easy to see the difference, but other days - whoa. 
Christmas 2015 and July 2016. See the chin? I have a chin now. 
January and July.

This one I'm just starting.  I actually look a sewing measuring tape and measured my bust, arms, waist, hip and thighs. I'm telling you those starting numbers, but I'll be updating the changes in them at the end of every month! I'd wish I'd done this before, but oh well. Also, when you measure yourself and then compare those measurements to what stores have on their size charts, you realize just how much the fashion industry is trying to give you a complex. Seriously. If you took my measurements, I'd be like a size 18 or 20.  Which isn't right at all.  So I measured my pants that fit from button to button hole, subtracted what the size chart says it should be and THEN subtracted the difference in the two numbers from my actual measurement, I found the number that made since that said I'm literally between a 14 and 12. Which is what I thought it would be and what my pants that don't fit say.  One should not have to do that much math to figure out your size! Anyways, this isn't really a success this month (other than figuring out how to actually find my size!), but it will be in subsequent updates. 

Because it must be addressed at some point. Overall, since I started, I've lost 10.2 pounds. That is ridiculous to me if you look at my photos, but that's why I take them. Because 10.2 pounds over 8 months is depressing. Seriously. Since July, I've lost 2.4 pounds, which is more like a normal weight loss.  The first three or four months, I wasn't eating right, wasn't eating enough for what I was doing. It's still slow, but it's moving! 

How I Feel
I feel like a whole new person. I'm proud of myself. I actually like my body, even though my scale doesn't like me back. I like how strong I am, my progress in my classes and in running. Mostly, I just like me. That's a pretty big change for me. 

On Thursday, I have my biometric screening for the year.  I've worked really, really hard to have good numbers this year.  Last year was abysmal.  I was high and unhealthy on EV-ER-Y-THING. It basically said "get off your fat butt, Sarah." So I did. My weight's not as low as I wanted it to be, I'm about four pounds heavier than my goal for the screening.  But I'm hoping other numbers are a lot better! I have my outfit picked out (channeling my old weight watcher days and have the lightest dress and shoes ready to go!), so here's to hopefully finding one more success!  If you're on you're own road, I hope you find your own successes that aren't just the number on the scale. It matters, but it's not all that matters.

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