Wednesday, September 21, 2016

3 years, 3 Things

Three years ago today, I married Aaron Zinn.

We got married at Shady Wagon Farm in New Hill, NC.  I loved my wedding. It was an awesome day with all my favorite people and ended with me going home with Aaron. It was a good day.

Aaron and I are not what you would call a romantic couple. He's ridiculous, I'm sarcastic.  The two just don't combine very well into romance. I'm sure some people wonder if we actually like each other (we do).

In honor of three years of marriage, here are my three favorite things about Mr. Zinn:

1. He supports me.

Not like monetarily supports me (I'm a big girl, I don't need that), but he is game for anything. I want to change jobs? Okay.  Let's build a house? Okay. I want to start working out again? Okay, I'll go with you (except the gym, he won't go to the gym with me).

He's been this way since the beginning. When we first started dating, I was working crazy hours and going to grad school at night.  There were entire weeks I didn't see or speak to anyone outside of those two places and he stuck it out. Most recently, when my gym decided to do Clean 14, a baby version of Whole 30, he was up for it and ate what I ate. There are many men that wouldn't do that.  He ate it all and there was only one thing he told me not to make again. He's proud of me when I lose weight and proud of me when I don't. He's proud of me when I come home from m'bala soaking wet and barely make it up the stairs.  There are days with this whole fitness thing that I just really don't want to do it and he says "okay" but then pushes me the next day. Sometimes he even tells me I'm smart. Mostly he calls me his sugar mama. Trust me, people, there is nothing like knowing your spouse has your back, even when you're talking crazy.

Aaron and I on a glacier in Juneau, Alaska
2. He is the best friend you will ever have.

Most people know the joking, mostly inappropriate Aaron. But those that have been around know the real Aaron. The one that will make his schedule inconvenient to help you out. The guy that has probably helped move all of our friends at least once, but more like two or three times.  He'll call just to see what you're up to if he hasn't talked to you in a while. He is far, far more giving than I am. He'll never tell you about it and you probably won't see it until you need him.

3. He's my other half.

We used to make fun of people that said, "I married my best friend!" because Danny was his best friend and Katie was mine. And they still are our best friends, but it's different when you're married. He's my other half. He's the silly to my snarky (though, I'm improving that side of him as well), he usually has the same dirty and inappropriate joke running through his mind that I do, and he's the one I'm happy to just lay around on the couch with all day.  He might not know when to stop playing the annoy Sarah game and there might be days that I want to cause him bodily harm, but at the end of the day, there's no one else I would rather spend my life with.

Happy three years Aaron Zinn. You really are my favorite.

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