Wednesday, September 14, 2016

When Whole Foods Becomes Whole Paycheck

My husband informed me last week that he thought I should write some real life stuff. That's what he likes to read, where people are real. So this post is for you Aaron Zinn. Especially since he lived through this with me.

Aaron and I are what you might call Whole Foods virgins. I've always been able to get what I needed at regular grocery stores and the more ethnic or fancy foods at Harris Teeter, World Market or an Asian market. That changed when we started Clean 14. All of the sudden I needed items that are mostly found at Whole Foods.

We go out to eat on Sundays after church. We go to the 11:30 AM service and get out around 12:45 to 1:00 PM. Sometimes I get a little hangry, especially if I've done yoga before.  I was hangry this past Sunday, but not because of yoga. Just regular hangry and I needed to stop by Whole Foods to pick up this one brand and one type of almond milk we are allowed to have on this diet. Because one more day of clumpy coconut milk in my iced coffee was not an option. I suggested that we get lunch there and do the salad bar.

Our lunch consisted of two salads, one thing of fruit for me and two drinks. And it totaled $45. FORTY-FIVE DOLLARS. I didn't even get a good meal out of it.

You're either laughing hysterically right now because you too have done this at Whole Foods or you are looking at your screen like I'm the biggest idiot you've ever seen. So let me breakdown how this happens.

You get salad. A decent salad because that is all you get, so you load it up. Mine had lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, egg and dressing, nothing super fancy. It doesn't take much to get a pound for food and at $8.99/lb for two people that's at least $18 by itself. Then I got fruit. It was pineapple and strawberries which are dense, so add another $8 or $9. So we go to find drinks. We find the cooler, or what we think is the cooler. We don't see water or La Croix, our usuals for this diet. But we do see juice, teas and other concoctions (cause I have no other word for them). After reading every.single.label (cause that's what you do on Whole 30/Clean 14) and Aaron wanting to feed a mouthy and hangry Sarah, we finally decided to get these juice/almond milk things that are another $8.99 each, but as compliant as we could find. We check out and the total comes to $45. We pull ourselves up off the ground. At least it will be a fabulous meal, right? It has to be for $45, right?

No. So, no.

When I was getting salad dressing, I got this gag nasty Tahini Greek stuff (I'm really sorry if you like it).  There are some foods I can smell and my stomach rolls and this was one of them. And no, I'm not pregnant. So Aaron gave me his salad which had the correct dressing on it (balsamic vinaigrette), but he made it for him. His salad consisted of a pool of balsamic vinaigrette with a little lettuce, eggs and jalapenos. I think I ate about half. Then those drinks we found? Gross. He drank his and half of mine (we weren't wasting any of that meal!).

But the fruit was good! And we got the only other good thing to come out of our trip - almond milk that doesn't clump in our coffee!

Never did I see such a pretty sight!
Also, when checking out with our beloved almond milk, we found the cooler with the water and La Croix. It was on the other side of the cooler we were looking at. Yeah.

Lesson learned. Weigh your food at Whole Foods. Or never eat there again. But we did get our almond milk and mango La Croix drinks. So, there's that. And now we truly understand why some people call Whole Foods, Whole Paycheck.


  1. I was laughing because, I too, have spent about $20 on a salad from the bar... Lesson learned after 1 time and I just now buy organic Romaine for $1 a head, buy whole toppings and chop them myself, and make my own dressing. $5 a salad or less, depending on the toppings, and I know I'll like it. The sucky thing is, you can't put it back in the bar once it's out, otherwise, I would've!!

    1. Yes! That was my immediate reaction, "Can I put some back?!" Haha. It's just been so hard to eat out on this diet that it was easy to do Whole Foods. I'll just make my own from now on!

  2. Hah! I'm spoiled by Whole Foods and shop no where else. There's a learning/experience curve, but it is possible to shop there and not totally break the bank. ;)

    1. We're planning to continue this clean eating thing (mostly, not all of it), so I'm sure I'll be back. And hopefully the learning curve won't be too bad!