Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Drinking the Kool-Aid

This past weekend, I sold the majority of my business and marketing materials for Jamberry. Which is good because I also received the "you have one week to meet your yearly goal to remain a consultant." It's all good. I never drank the Jamberry Kool-Aid, which is probably why I failed.

One of my set-ups for a Jamberry vendor event.
If I learned anything from Jamberry, it's that whatever you do in life, you have to drink the Kool-Aid.

I did Jamberry, a multi-level marketing company that sells nail wraps (or as I liked to call them, high tech nail stickers), for a year. I gave it a good run. I did vendor events, held parties, offered giveaways, etc. I made some money and mostly came out about even. Overall, it went as well I think it could have. But direct sales just aren't for me. I loved the product, but I could never really tell someone how Jamberry changed my life. Because it didn't change my life. I have a career, something I've worked hard to achieve, so a little side gig selling nail wraps didn't do anything for me. That was a big problem, though. In direct sales, the main way you make money is by having a downline or others that sign up under you. You can make a commission off your sales, but the money that will sustain your business is in your downline. Not being able to tell someone how it changed my life kept me from gaining a downline. I couldn't ever say, "This is why I joined, why it's awesome. You should join too!" I don't think I failed at Jamberry, I just didn't excel at it. It didn't hurt me. I just moved on to the next thing.

Getting healthy. Yoga. Working out and eating better food. I've drank all the Kool-Aid for those. I can tell you how much better I feel, more confident I am and stronger I am because of those things. I tell you this pretty much every time I write my blog. Those things did change my life and I can tell you all about them.

I never thought Jamberry was going to be permanent, which was probably my first mistake. I always knew that I was doing it for the product and some discounts to support my habit. But a healthy lifestyle is different. I'm hoping I can make it permanent, with some tweaks as I go.

So what are you doing in life? What Kool-Aid haven't you drank all the way? Are you doing a side business? Are you doing direct sales? If so, why are you doing it? Has the product changed your life? Do you love it? Is it your new career? Or are you trying to get healthy? Maybe trying to go further in your career? Whatever it is, you have to accept it all the way to be successful. Love it. Know why you love it. How it has changed you, how you see it changing you further down the road. Don't be me with Jamberry. Otherwise, it will end up like this, in a box.

It amazed me how all my Jamberry business stuff fit into this box. I still have a good amount of wraps, my lacquers and gel kit. Things I thought I might still use. But the rest, everything I used to run my business, fit into this little Amazon box. Besides my yoga mat, I could probably fit all my gear for yoga and cycling in a box like this. Two pairs of shoes, clothes, head bands. I'm almost at a year with this journey. A year is about as long as I lasted with Jamberry. Hopefully, a year is just the beginning.


  1. i love your perspective! direct sales is hard! i do young living but for me it happened by accident bc the products really did change my life and so the business side was a bonus... i never wanted to do the business when i first started using the products :)

  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I have never done direct sales.
    xo, Lee

  3. I'm glad that you were able to take your experience and learn from it. When I was pursuing photography professionally I drank the koolaid that I needed to invest and believe I. A certain style or equipment or marketing and in the end I couldn't just be me and I ended up falling out with it. It took a while before I picked up my camera again and started taking pictures again - I had resented it so much. Now I've learned my lesson to learn the foundations of success and do what is ultimately best for me. Thanks so much for sharing your perspective!!

    1. Photography is a hard world! I'm so glad you started taking pictures again! I hope you've found a style that works for you and allows you to be you.

  4. I love this! You are SO right - if you're dedicating your time and energy to something, you have to drink the Kool-Aid or it just isn't going to work. This was true of me in my last job - my heart just wasn't in it. Thanks for sharing these wise words!

  5. I loved reading this. I have a hard time with selling something that 'has changed my life.' It sounds like you made the right decision!