Wednesday, October 5, 2016 Pants?!

I had this co-worker in my old job that was obsessed with the fact that women wore leggings as pants. And pointing out that leggings weren't, in fact, pants.  We had lots of conversations about this during our many car rides together. I used to agree, and still mostly do, but I have committed the sin and have worn leggings as pants.

For years, I swore girls with big thighs (ahem, me) shouldn't wear leggings. Then LulaRoe came about.  I did nothing with LulaRoe until my cousin started selling it. I tried it out to support her and became slightly addicted. Then I got leggings. I actually bought three pairs of leggings before I ever wore the leggings, mostly because it's been a perpetual sauna in NC for the past three or four months and way too hot for those babies. Anyway, this past weekend, I wore leggings. As pants. In public. I did it again for my trip down to Jacksonville and I'll do it again coming back. 

Me and my leggings and tunic waiting for the shuttle. The trick is calm paired with wild. That's what I tell myself.
My first thought about leggings as pants was "where have these been all my life?!" It's literally like not wearing pants, while wearing pants. I think I told one of our friends that the other day. My entire goal is to wear pants as little as possible. I hate pants. I understand their necessity, but those that have been around for a while, know my resistance to wearing pants. And if you come over to our house unannounced, you'll probably have to wait for me to put on pants. So in this aspect, leggings are amazing. No pants while wearing pants. And LulaRoe makes these long tunic tops to go over the leggings, so you're butt is covered. I don't feel exposed in the leggings. So far, so good. 

I ran errands in my leggings. I expected to get some stares. Afterall, I had on purple floral leggings with a gray and white striped shirt. But, no stares. Not that I could tell, at least. I felt fine wearing my leggings for errands to multiple grocery stores and the library. They were super comfortable in the airport. I even had a lady call me and my LulaRoe leggings out and complimented me on how I'd made them into capris.  But both times I wore the leggings, when I got home and it was time to go out to dinner, I put on real pants. I didn't feel like the leggings were okay to wear to dinner. It just didn't feel right. Plus, I was also really tired of having to constantly hike them back up.  

So I'm going to keep to the main idea that leggings aren't totally pants. Will I keep wearing them? Yep. On weekends, on days that I have to spend hours either on a plane or in an airport, on car trips, running errands, etc. But I also think that for me, real pants are still needed. I like to look nicer when we go out to dinner and I certainly can't wear them to work. And given those thoughts, I think it's totally acceptable for me to find ridiculous pairs of leggings with things like shoes, cupcakes and coffee cups on them.
The whole airport outfit. I think it's pretty cute together, actually.

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