Friday, October 28, 2016

Measuring Success - 10/28/16

The end of October is here. Next month is November, which is my favorite month. My birthday, Thanksgiving, boots, hoodies. All the good things happen in November. 

October was a good month.  September brought huge changes for my eating habits, my weight and my measurements. October was pretty much what I call an evening out month. I didn't gain any weight back from Clean 14 and even started losing some more, but at a much lower rate than I did when on the diet. Sweet teas and chicken quesadillas from Cookout will do that to ya. 

Heart Rate
At the end of last month, my resting heart rate was between 57-58.  It's been mostly around 60-61 for the past week or so. 

Endurance has definitely improved this month! I ran 2.4 miles! That was huge for me! I don't know that I've ever ran a full 2 miles before, much less 2.4. I was so proud of myself. I've also been doing two two-class days a week. I've been doing mostly spin and yoga classes for a while, so I've started switching it up with some boot camp classes. I've been wary of doing them, but I've found that I strangely enjoy have my butt kicked. My goal for November is to keep doing my two two-class days a week and to do more boot camp classes. Switching it up is good the soul!

I'm officially down a whole size. My pants haven't been fitting for a while now and I requested that my mom take me pants shopping for my birthday. It's confirmed - I'm down to a 12. That's pretty awesome.

There's not a ton of change this month, which is fine. Months like September don't always happen and, when they do, your body needs time to catch up.  So this month, I'm doing two comparisons: the first photo is a compilation of one of my first photos from February, last month and this month. This is the first time since I've started back at the gym that I feel comfortable wearing a shirt that touches me. Big step! Second photo is my side view. I've been pretty self-conscious about this one, but I've put everything else out there, so here it is.

February (my baseline photo), September and last Saturday. Favorite shirt alert!

This is pretty crazy. February and last Saturday.
My measurements changed some, but overall not that much. I can tell that my muscles are bulking up, especially in my arms and shoulders! Thank you TRX! My bust went down 0.5" and my hips went down 0.75". Everything else stayed the same. 

I am actually really proud of my weight this month. Last month I lost a lot of weight, but this month? I kept that weight off! I was really, really worried about what I would gain back when we came off the diet. The first two weeks, my weight didn't budge. Then I slowly started to lose some weight, about 0.5 pound per week. So this month, I lost a whopping one pound. But I didn't gain any, which is more awesome than what I lost. 

How I Feel
I still feel like a bad ass (sorry for the language, but still). I feel like my changes are starting to become habits. I still have my bad habits (does a Southerner ever really give up sweet tea?!), but overall, I think I've made some changes I can live with. This blog has been a big accomplishment for me. I've kept up with my three posts a week, which is a lot more work than you might think, but it really helps with my journey. I get a chance to speak my mind, to write, to share with you. And I get to look back on where I've started and where I've come. Best of all, I get to hear from you guys!     

My goal for October was to keep up more of a Paleo lifestyle, keep my exercise schedule and not eat all the pumpkin, all day, every day. I've been cooking Paleo, but I don't really snack Paleo. Give me all the bad things!  The good thing is that I don't snack nearly as much as I used to and we've pretty much eaten all the bad things in the house (I can't throw away we just ate it). We've done well with making sure we have fruit, baby carrots and Larabars for snacks at work. And we've done well with leftovers for lunches. But those nights I don't cook? Those are fails. So for November, I'm making it a goal to not eat Cookout as much and to make better choices when we go out to eat. That is my downfall - eating out. I've kept up my exercise schedule pretty well. The only thing that would make it better is to add more classes and I'm pretty much booked up except for mornings. That is not happening! As for eating all the pumpkin, does drinking it make it better? Because I'm not giving up my Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Does it help that I've been using soy and almond milk instead of regular milk? Oh well. It's my guilty pleasure! Then it will be white peppermint mocha. This is just a hard time of year!

How was your October? Did you make the progress you were hoping for or were you like me and maintained? Sometimes, maintaining is harder than losing! 

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