Friday, October 14, 2016

To the Family that Moved Out of My Pants...

To the family that moved out of my pants, please don't ever come back.

I always thought that was a weird saying, "looks like a family moved out of their pants." Maybe it's a southern thing? Am I the only one that's heard that? For real, though, people. This pants situation has gotten out of hand. 

At some point when losing weight, you go from enjoying the loose pants to the really awkward fitting stage. I'm there. I've hit the point where most of my pants look like this:

That is not how pants should fit. This doesn't even take into account the waist that barely stays up and the extra fabric that is obvious from the front of the pants. I have three pairs of pants that fit right now and two of them are jeans. I thought about posting a "this is how my pants should fit," but then it's like I'd be inviting you to stare at my butt. So I won't do that.

Yes, I know this is a good problem to have. But it's also a problem. Pants that are too big make you look bigger than you actually are. Not to mention, I spend most of my day keeping them up. 

I need to buy pants. .

This poses a problem. I used to have about three different sizes in my closet. Now, I have two and I'm pretty sure I'm missing a size in between them. The problem, you ask? I've spent a ridiculous amount of money the past few months on pants that aren't pants, namely yoga pants (workout clothes in general) and LulaRoe. Side note - I just scored some Halloween leggings! I'm excited. But Halloween leggings don't count as pants, not pants that I can wear to work at least. I have dresses and skirts that fit, but who wants to shave their legs everyday?! If you are surprised by that last statement and are a guy, you obviously aren't married or haven't lived with a female. Anyways, I need pants and I have spent my pants money on new hair and pants that aren't pants for work. Thankfully, there is a birthday coming up!

I always forget the weird stages of losing weight. Mostly, it's all very exciting, but sometimes it's frustrating. Your forget those points where your pants don't fit, but you're hoping to lose more weight so you don't want to spend money on new pants just yet, but are also acutely aware of how bad the current ones fit. And sometimes, at the same time you're fighting the pants fight, a plateau hits and your weight stops moving. It's an all around annoying time. But it's part of the process. So, do what I'm going to do until I'm no longer broke, or my birthday happens, enjoy the fact that your pants don't actually fit. You've worked hard for it. They can be the thing that reminds you every day just how far you've come, because it's clear to see where you started.

Thankfully, it's dress down Friday, so my pants fit today. Small victories!

Happy Friday folks! 

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