Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Affordable Athleisure: Fabletics Review

Two reviews in one week, what?! It just so happens I got both my shipments at one time, so lucky you! Today I'm writing about one of my most favorite guilty pleasures: Fabletics. Also, this is your escape from angry post-election posts. You're welcome.

The world of athletic wear/ workout clothes has grown considerably in the last few years. So much so that it now has it's own genre called "athleisure." Being strong and healthy has become a huge focus and women want to look cute while doing it. Fabletics, if you don't know, is a subscription service for athleisure clothing. They get you by giving you the first outfit for a ridiculously low price (I got mine for $25). Every month after that, you have to sign in to your account by the 5th of the month and choose to purchase an outfit or skip the month. If you don't do one of those options, then your credit card gets charged $49.95. This is made very, very clear when you become a "VIP." I've been using the service for about six months now. I've made lots of purchases, but I've also skipped a lot of months. It's a great way to get the really trendy pieces at affordable prices.

I love Fabletics. I live in workout clothes (I still call them that) as I'm at the gym five days a week. When I first started back at the gym, I was using my Old Navy and Target yoga pants and tops. I was also using my really old, worn out Target sports bras. Thankfully, I replaced those. There is nothing wrong with Old Navy and Target workout clothes - I still buy them and mix them in with my other pieces. But what I was seeing in store from Old Navy and Target wasn't as cute as some of the outfits I saw on the other girls in the gym. They were buying their clothes from Lululemon and Athletica, which was more than I wanted to pay, but oh so cute! When I found Fabletics and their outfits, I was so excited. Finally, I got to be cute too, but for cheaper.

This month, I chose the outfit, Avena. The VIP price was $80 for a hoodie, a bra and leggings.

Their model photo and me.
This is my birthday month, so I spent a little more than I normally do.  I love the pattern on the bra and the leggings. The blue camo print is really flattering and fun! The pants are probably my favorite piece of this outfit. These are the Salar pants. I love Fabletics Salar capris and crops, so I'm not surprised I love their pants too. I will be honest and say I was hesitant to buy actual pants. I love yoga capris and I sweat like a pig (think dripping the entire time) during workouts, so I was worried that pants would be too hot.  These pants are made of a really light fabric, though, and didn't bother me during my class.

The hoodie had to grow on me. I thought I was getting an actual hoodie, like a sweatshirt.  The top, officially called the Cashel Hoodie, is more like a top with a hoodie than what I think of as a hoodie. It's a very light weight fabric and more fitted than I thought I would like. I was going to send it back because I didn't think I would wear it a lot, but I tried it on one more time before I sent it back. Surprisingly, it fit really well. It's a great top to wear during warm-ups or even for running outside. It covers you while still letting your skin breathe.  It also felt pretty good to put on my nasty, sweaty body after working out last night.  My other favorite part are the bungees on the side. They're super fun!

Now for the last piece - the bra. The Lenni Sports Bra and I are not friends. It's so, so cute and I wanted it to work oh so bad. At some point in my life, I'm going to learn that the super cute and fun bras are not made for girls with my cup size. No, girls like me get the bras that lock and load and can be worn as hats. At some point, I will learn.

This bra on me looks more like something out of a Victoria's Secret magazine than an actual sports bra. This is the closest to a photo of me with the bra that you will get. I usually size down in Fabletics bras to get a little more support. That worked against me this time. The cups are low cut, which means the girls were pushed up and out into the criss-cross straps up top. There is also no support. Needless to say, this one is going back.

This is how I styled the pants for my classes last night. I combined the pants with my Mosa tank (also Fabletics) and threw the Cashel Hoodie on top.

I truly love Fabletics. I love that they give me some fun options at affordable prices. There are some things that I don't like (ie - you can't stack offers), but it's a great product for what you're paying. At some point, I might treat myself to some more expensive pieces from Lululemon or Athletica, but until them, I'll stick to my mix of Old Navy, Target and Fabletics! If you decide you want to try it, you can use my referral link here.

What are your favorite affordable places to buy your workout clothes?!

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