Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Real, Real Life

I love that Campbell's soup commercial about those "real, real life" moments. Sometimes in social media, especially if you are a blogger, you post the good stuff. The pretty food, the correct yoga pose, etc. But let's be honest, life isn't always that pretty.

This, right here, is real life.

Monday was Halloween. It was our first Halloween as homeowners and I bought a ton of candy! Nextdoor (aka Facebook for your neighborhood) informed us that people had up to 80 trick or treaters last year, so I bought lots and lots of candy. Aaron was on candy duty and I baked a cake.

I like to pretend that I'm healthy, but I bake old school. I actually had to go buy flour and milk because we've been cooking mostly Paleo lately and I didn't have regular ingredients. When you bake old school, you've got to use the non-fancy ingredients. I'm pretty sure my Great Aunt Betty would come back and haunt me otherwise. I made our family famous Five Flavor Poundcake. I won't give you our recipe, but one that is fairly similar can be found here. Our recipe just has a lot more bad stuff that makes it amazing.

The Five Flavor was a gift for a friend at work. When her husband was diagnosed with lung cancer, I asked her what I could do. She told me I could bake her this cake, but not before the surprise birthday party she had planned for her husband. She had a dress to fit into, after all. The party was this past weekend, so I decided to make the cake Monday night knowing I'd have some time. And because this is a ridiculously expensive cake, I decided I'd make some mini loaves and a regular loaf. I wanted to spread the love and I needed some of my own cake!

Also, that batter is orgasmic. No joke. I could bathe in it.

The only problem with the Five Flavor is that it is a pain in the butt cake to get out of the pan. You've got to grease the pan and then flour it. I'm not talking with Pam either, but good ol' Crisco and a paper towel. You've got to grease all the little nooks and crannies. Then once you bake it, you drizzle a hot sugary glaze over the top. The glaze makes it amazing while also making it next to impossible to get the cake out of any pan. Me being me, I thought "oh hey, let's use one of those decorative pans! That'll be cute!"

I pulled the mini loaves out of the oven. They looked pretty and like they weren't going to give me any trouble whatsoever. Lies.

After two rounds of soaking in hot water and beating the mess out of the pan on my counter, this is the best one that came out and it was a miracle. It's not even that pretty. The others, however, were missing large chunks of cake on the top. Pretty is relative.

You can kind see the lemons on top, right? Humor me.
This is the cake out of the regular loaf pan. It's better, but still not up to my usual standard.

Then I walked into my dining room and found these two loons taking selfies on my phone with my new tripod.

Real life. Also, this is what you get when you take photos on your wife's phone: blog shaming.
Then at about ten o'clock, after finally getting my cakes out of their pans, I remembered I needed to put food in the crockpot for Tuesday night's dinner. I cut up my meat and my veggies, which included jalapenos. I haven't messed with jalapenos in a while and I was tired, so I forgot to wash my hands. But I had an itch in my nose...and I scratched it. My nose was instantly on fire. I cannot even explain the pain. Rookie mistake. Aaron had me snorting milk at one point trying to help. I was laughing and crying at the same time. The only way to make it better was to shove a cotton swab up my nose with milk on it. The rest of the night, my nose smelled like sour milk. It was a fun time.

Tuesday morning, I packed up my goodies and took them to work. No one said a word about my ugly cake (they are that good!) and my nose didn't smell like sour milk anymore.

That, my friends, is real, real life. So many times, we only post the good stuff. I understand, we don't want to put all of our hardships or drama out there.  And I appreciate you for not putting everything out there, but know that no one is perfect. Especially not me. Real, real life happens to all of us, but the next day is just around the corner.

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