Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas at 30

I had the day to myself yesterday.  I've actually had the past four days to myself, so I've had plenty of time to digest this holiday season. And I've decided that Christmas at 30 is much different than all of our other Christmases. And I kinda like it.

Christmas slowly morphs as you grow up.  It goes from being all about the latest toys to the latest fashion to the latest...house wares? I mean, our big gifts this year was overhead garage storage systems for Aaron (with the promise of his engineer father's help on installation) and a light fixture and new kitchen appliance for me. For our friends, it's morphed from all about them to all about their kids.

This year we had another change. No, not a baby. Aaron changed jobs this summer and now works at a wastewater treatment plant. So when the rest of the world has a holiday, somebody has to keep that place running so you can keep flushing your toilet. This year, for his plant, it was Aaron. That means that we did Christmas Eve Eve with my family and Christmas Day night with his. We were sad about it, but I was also thankful for it.

Thankful that he has a job that he loves.

Thankful that he has a job that allows him to be home at 5 pm during the week with a monthly weekend rotation.

Thankful we don't have emergency calls anymore outside of his week on call.

Thankful that he's happy.

For me, this year, that was my favorite Christmas gift. A happy husband with a job that he loves and plans to stay in for the next 30 years (direct quote).

Christmas, for Christians, is about the birth of our Lord and all that he means to us. The freedom, the mercy, the forgiveness. The grace. But it's also about being thankful for those that you love, being able to celebrate his life with your friends and family. And celebrating all that he has blessed us with. Maybe your Christmas was different this year, too. Maybe not. Either way, I hope you felt as blessed as we all are and were able to spend time with your loved ones. And I will end this blog post with my favorite photos from Christmas with our families.

Family selfie at Christmas at DPAC. Our church holds its Christmsas service at DPAC and our parents came up and joined us this year! And our friend Josh photobombed. 
Christmas Dinner #1 with my parents! And this is food for 4 people! We each had some of our favorites.
New light fixture! As I said, Christmas at 30 is a little different than before. 

Davenport family selfie! While Aaron worked, I got free lunch Christmas Day.
The annual bromance photo between Aaron and Christian, his sister's husband. Aaron seems to enjoy this more than Christian.
Christmas Day night with Aaron's family! 

Merry Christmas!

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