Friday, December 2, 2016

My Christmas Tree Has a Theme: Us

For as long as I can remember, I have loved ornaments. I loved putting the tree up with my mom, picking out just the right ornament for just the right place on the tree. We had a hodge podge of ornaments. Nothing matched, but it was all perfectly us.

I see the perfectly themed trees on Facebook and Instagram. In the stores. They're beautiful and perfectly coordinated. And so not me.

I love my little Charlie Brown tree. It was the tree I bought for my first apartment. While it fit perfectly in an apartment, it looks pretty tiny in our house. But I still love it. I love all the ornaments that are our life.

Like all of my shoe ornaments.

Or my Starbucks ornament because, let's face it, I'm obsessed with Starbucks. And love my state.

Then there's the Library of Congress ornament that my dad bought me one year with one of my favorites quotes, "I cannot live without books."

Or the ornament that my sister-in-law got me as a bridesmaid gift that is an actual Curious George book. (Curious George is still my favorite. I'll never outgrow him).

When we got married, I started working on adding ornaments for Aaron so that it didn't look like Sarah threw up on our tree. 

I even bought an annoying Hoops and Yoyo ornament. True love, people. True love. 

We started collecting ornaments from everywhere that we traveled. 

Rainbow Row in Charleston
These aren't all of our ornaments by any means, but some of my favorites.  If our tree had a theme, i wouldn't get to put these on each year and smile each time I pick them up. Some might say "then have two trees!" Those people aren't married to Aaron who has declared that we will only ever have one tree in the house. But when I think about it, our tree does have a theme: us. Everything on our tree represents some part of our life. Each one has a memory and I love it. I get to continue the tradition that I grew up with.

What about you? Do you have a hodge podge tree like me or do you have a beautiful themed tree? Or do you have multiple?!

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