Friday, January 6, 2017

LulaRoe for Work

This past year, I was introduced to the world of LulaRoe by my dear cousin Brittany. I'd seen the leggings and the shirts and hadn't really been interested or understood the hype, if you want to know the truth, but when my cousin started selling it, I bought a piece to support her. And thus began my semi-addiction. I've had some frustration with LulaRoe in that the sizing doesn't make sense (at all) and that it's not always workplace friendly. So, if you work in a business professional setting and you've been on the fence about LulaRoe, what styles to buy, what size you might be, etc, then this is for you! Because I wish someone had written this for me.

What I like about LulaRoe is that it's comfortable and modest. I don't have to worry about a shirt being too low cut on me, skirts being too short, etc. I also like the fun prints. I think it's cool that each consultant gets different inventory and they aren't able to choose their prints, so you aren't married to one consultant. Having done direct sales before, I totally see the value in that. You don't have to feel like you're cheating on one consultant with another. I have found, however, that it's best to have a handful you buy from. Otherwise, you end up with a pile of punch cards and Lula bucks like mine.

We'll start with my favorite styles. I'll let you know what size I'm wearing, what size I normally wear and how I style it.

The Julia style is hands down my favorite style. I own two Julia dresses, one regular and one from the Elegant Collection that I affectionately refer to as "the glitter bomb." This style is similar to a sheath, but with more give than normal. I normally wear a L and I size up to an XL in the Julia.  It's pretty clingy. My Elegant Collection Julia (photo below on the right) is even more clingy than usual because of the fabric.

I was originally scared of the Julia. I thought she would show all the bad parts of my body. I won't lie, she will tell you when you are having a fat day. But she is also very versatile and I'll even show you the trick one consultant showed me about how to create some ruching!

I've worn my Julia multiple ways! I've worn it by itself, with the Lindsay kimono, and I've even pulled it up to wear it as a shirt with dress pants! I've seen others wear it with leggings or a Cassie, but I think it's a little too clingy, in my opinion, to wear with leggings underneath and I haven't tried the Cassie.

As you can see in some of my photos, I ruche the dress once in a while on the side.  This helps cover some of those problem areas.  The way to do it is to grab some fabric on the inside where you want the ruching to occur and then tie it with a hair tie. Pull the dress back down and, magic!, you've got some ruching. You don't need a lot of fabric to achieve the look!

The Lindsay is my next favorite style for work.  I only own one because they are more expensive ($54), but it is in heavy rotation! I also get a ton of compliments when I wear it. In the Lindsay, I wear a Small and I normally wear a Large in cardigans.  I tried on the Medium and found that it swallowed me. The draping on the Small is exactly what I wanted.  If you're a smaller size (like 6 or below), try the Bianka, which is the kids version of the Lindsay.

Lindsay Kimono with the Azure skirt
I mostly wear my Lindsay with my Julia, but I also will pair with dress pants or the Azure skirt. It's a really nice compliment to the Julia dress, especially if you're not feeling your skinniest that day!

I love, love, love the Lola skirt. I'd been hesitant to try it because most consultants local to me don't have them and I hate buying a new style where I have to pay shipping because the sizing is so off! Seriously, I'll try a size thinking it's the right one and then it won't work. So, in these photos I'm wearing a size Medium because I fell in love with this skirt and I could only find it in a Medium. and XL. I can make it work, but I definitely recommend a Large or ordering true to size.

The Lola is a pseudo midi in that it hits mid-calf, but the lining is four inches higher than the outer skirt.  I appreciate this because I have short legs and midis are usually pretty terrible on me. They hit in the fattest part of my calf and then it looks like my legs are tree trunks, but with the sheer fabric, you see more of my legs!

Here I have it paired with a wrap top tucked in.
I like the Azure. I have two and I might buy some more as it's a good spring and summer look. The skirt has a yoga waist band and then is nice and flowy. You can wear it as a skirt or pull it up to wear it as a top. For the Azure, you really need to know the type of fabric to determine the size you need. I have one that is a slinky fabric. It's a Large and I can't really keep it up. I have one that is a more cotton fabric and the Large is perfect. So if you're shopping for them on an album sale or multi-consultant sale, always ask the type of fabric.

Paired here with a Stitch Fix top
The Julia, Lindsay and Lola are my favorites for work. I'll definitely be buying more of those styles and mostly sticking to them. My other favorite style is the Perfect T.  It's not really work appropriate, but I sometimes will wear them on Friday with a long cardigan over it.

Now, for the styles I have tried and that have failed me.

I wanted to love the Amelia. So, so much. It's adorable on other people and is considered one of the dressier styles. It, however, did not love me back.

The dress that made me look preggo.
First off, I am not pregnant. But this dress made me look pregnant. The pleats hit in the absolute wrong spot and added at least 10 pounds to me.  Then I jokingly cupped the fabric like I see everyone do in belly shots and voila, Sarah is pregnant! I shipped that sucker back! I am wearing a size Large in it. I could probably wear a Medium, but I'm not sure because my boobs and arms sometimes cause me to go up a size (that happened in the Nicole too).

Everyone loves the Carly. But me. In fact, most of the super popular styles I don't love. The Irma and I aren't friends and I don't really love the leggings (it's a sin, I know) because I'm between the One Size and Tall & Curvy. My problem with the Carly is that I'm short. It's a high-low hem with a boxy cut. I tried on a Medium and it fit in the arms and bust, but was way too long in the back. The hem in the back hit the middle of my calf. It looked like the world's longest nightgown. I could probably do a small, but the style isn't really me so I haven't tried to find out.

This is the dress that I thought I would love and it would be my go-to. Nope. I didn't love the fabrics in the Nicole. They were stiffer and thicker. Because of that, the sizing was off. The Large was too tight on my arms and boobs and I had to go up to an XL, which then was too long.

There are so many more styles that LulaRoe has that I haven't tried that could work in an office setting such as the Ana (the maxi version of the Nicole), Cassie (pencil skirt), Jill skirt, Lucy skirt, Madison skirt,  and the Maxi skirt.  My best advice for those that haven't tried LulaRoe and are interested is to find a local consultant and literally try on every style to determine your size. I have styles in size Small through XL and they all fit. Once you know your sizes, write them down and then you can stalk the album and multi-consultant sales.

What about you? Have you tried LulaRoe? What are your favorite styles?


  1. I have tried LulaRoe before. My daughter and I did a fun Mommy and Me fashion post about their leggings which I shared on my blog. So comfy, so cute!

  2. Thanks for this! I know several LuLaRoe consultants but I only ever see styles that are a little too casual for work, so I've passed over trying LuLaRoe. I like that you've recommended some options that are little more work appropriate!

  3. I've been seeing so much about LuLaRoe lately but never saw actual pieces from them! These are so cute I need to check it out!


  4. I think I vaguely remember hearing about them before. I need to check them out.

  5. These are gorgeous! I've never tried on Lularoe yet, but so many of my friends are wearing and it's popping up everywhere - seems like it's only a matter of time before I jump in lol. Love the Julia dress on you, as well as the cardigan! Also - thank you for the amazing tip on rucking a dress- never would have thought of that! Genius!

  6. I have tried LuLaRoe and their leggings are my happy place. I also have tried the skirts and love them. You're right that some styles don't have the right print for everyone but over all I see myself developing a slight LuLaRoe addiction as well...