Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Measuring Success - 2/28/17

Ya'll. This month. So many good things!

January's post was about getting back on track after the holiday insanity. We did Whole 30, we did good. But February? Yeah man. Let's just get to it.

Heart Rate
So I really can't tell you anything about my heart rate because my Fitbit decided to be weird this month. It stopped tracking my heart rate, then it died, then it was resurrected, only to stop tracking my heart rate again.  Fitbit has some amazing customer service and sent me a replacement Blaze! So, yeah. No clue.

This month I made a big ol' leap in my yoga journey and did crow. To which every guy in my life ( including husband and his other half) both said "I can do that!" Well, whatever. Cause this was HUGE for me! I still have a lot to work on but this was the first arm balance I've been able to do and I hope it's a gate way for many more!

Crow pose!
I went through a lot of my clothes and sold them this month. I need some new stuff and with this budget we're on, I needed some extra cash to make that happen. So I went through and tried everything on and consigned or donated everything that was too big. It was very freeing and rewarding!

A couple of huge clothing milestones (which sounds super shallow, but whatever). Most of my bathing suit tops don't fit. They are either too big or the smaller sizes don't fit cup-wise. I went bathing suit shopping at Target and actually bought a bikini top. And I don't hate how I look in it. It's actually very flattering on me, more so than my tankini top. Crazy. I'm also back in one of my favorite skirts from before I gained all this weight back. While preparing for my spring capsule (Friday's blog post!), I went through all of my clothes and was trying on skirts. Most of them are pencil and didn't quite fit yet, but my favorite polk dot one did! I was truly surprised. I even posted a picture of it on Instagram!

Can I just say that it's nice to actually LIKE how you look when you see yourself in the mirror? For example - trying on bathing suits used to be the world's worst thing. I hated how everything fit, nothing was flattering on, etc. I tried on a bunch of tops and bottoms and there were many, many items that didn't fit this time either, but I didn't blame it on me. It wasn't my body that was the issue, but the way they fit me. Being able to make that distinction is huge!


This might be one of the most exciting photo posts I've done in a while. When getting ready for m'bala Thursday night, I put on this shirt and stopped when I looked in the mirror. "Wait, what?!" is what I said out loud. Let's discusss.

Left - July 2016, Right - February 2017
This is a comparison of when I finally started to see some change (July 2016) and this past Thursday. I can tell that my arms are more defined, my waist and midsection is tighter and heck, even my boobs look better!

Left - February 2016, Right - February 2017

But then, this. This is the comparison of my first side shot, where I started, and Thursday.

Holy crap. Ho-ly crap. That is me. That is me with no fat rolls, an almost flat stomach. I mean, I'm still kind of wide, but God only made me to be so small.

I've actually had some changes this month in my measurements. I could see some difference in clothing and fit, so I was excited to see it translated into some numbers:

  • Arms - I gained 0.25" on my arms. That is all muscle. I can actually see my muscles when I'm lifting now, which is pretty cool.
  • Bust - I'm down 0.25" on my bust. I'm always surprised at this because normally when you lose weight, your chest is the first to go. But since I'm building muscle, I really haven't lost that much here. 
  • Waist - I'm down 0.25" on my waist. It's not as dramatic as January's loss, but I also wasn't on a totally Whole 30 diet or even mostly Paleo. 
  • Hips - Also down 0.25" on my hips. I can really notice a difference here.  Even my pants that are 12s are starting to get loose around my butt and hips. 
  • Thighs - I gained 0.5" on my thighs. Thank you dad for my thunder thighs.  
This month I'm back to a normal weight loss amount - 0.8 lbs cumulative. That also includes a weekend where I ate all the bad things while in Fayetteville and then dress shopping in Wilmington. I probably gained (okay, did) about 5 pounds that week. Overall, I'm really happy with where I'm at. I'm 2.4 pounds away from 25 lbs lost and I'm really excited for that milestone!

This whole journey has taught me a lot about weight. I talk about it at the end of every progress post because I try so, so hard to not let it control me. That's about 95% of the reason why I do this post every month - I can't just focus on the weight. I've been using My Fitness Pal app for a long time. I went back and the last time I was this weight was May 31, 2014. It's been almost three years! So I went and found a photo of me at that weight then and a photo of me at the same weight now. The difference is pretty damn incredible.
Left - June 2014, Right - February 2017
My face is noticeably smaller/thinner, my arms are more toned, chest is smaller! That's the difference between fat and muscle, my friends. I'm the same weight in those two pictures, but on the right, I'm much more muscle. I thought it was a pretty cool comparison. 

Happy last day of February friends! I hope your journeys are going well and that you're finding your non-scale successes every day!

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