Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Random Things Including a Raunchy Romance Novel

Happy Wednesday friends. Yesterday was Valentine's Day. We made seafood alfredo for dinner with some wine, had cheesecake for dessert and exchanged some cards. When we were dating, we used to go all out for Valentine's Day, but now we keep it pretty simple.

I don't demand gifts, but I do demand a good card for Valentine's Day. Some people hate cards, but me, I love them. And this year I got one with a pop up cut out!

My pop-up Valentine's Day card!
I'll be honest. Sometimes blogging is hard. People don't want to hear that, but it is. Some days you have writer's block. Some weekends you spend driving around North Carolina getting spring rolls and dress shopping with your friend and have no time to blog. Some days you just have nothing to say. Today is one of those days. So, today I will share with you some of my favorite things from this week:

This bag:

Calvin Klein Saffiano Bag

I've been on the hunt for a new purse. One that fits my laptop and can still keep me semi-organized. I also really like color on my purses. No plain black purse for me! I think this one, or a version of it, might be my next purchase. After saving up of course. Stupid budget.

This book review on Forever Young Adult:

I love a good smut romance. I have no shame on this, whatsoever. I have decided lately that I should try to read more than just smut romance, but it's so hard! They requires zero brain cells! However, I have smut romance standards. Apparently this lovely book does NOT live up to those standards and is your typical 1990s attempt at a smut romance novel with Indians and innocent white girls that will make you want to shake them. Say what?! Anyway, this 100% sarcastic book review made my day when I read it, so you should read it as well. There were tears of hilarity. Long live the snarky bloggers at Forever Young Adult.

These breakfast frittatas:

I tried these at my mom's house this weekend and fell in love! When we were doing the Whole 30, we made some egg muffins, but the consistency was all wrong. These are the complete opposite and are perfection! I don't imagine we will be eating them all the time, but they'll be a good option for once in a while.

And finally - all of your Valentine's Day photos! It was so nice to see nothing but love on Facebook yesterday. It's been such an angry place lately and it was nice to see people loving each other, posting photos of their gifts and kids. It was so fun and made me so happy.

What are some of your favorites this week? Bonus if you can give me a new smut romance novel to read that isn't terrible!

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