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Capsule Wardrobe - Spring 2017 Update

Back in September 2016, I did a post series on capsule wardrobes - what it is (read here), how I set mine up (read here), and how to do one yourself (read here). I didn't do an update post on my winter capsule because it really wasn't that much different than my fall capsule. But spring is here (in capsule land) and I am so, so ready to change over!

Spring 2017 capsule!
I think this capsule is so much fun for me because I've lost weight and I'm bringing out some spring clothes I haven't seen in a few years. With the budget cutting my spending significantly, this helps me feel like I have some "new" items. This is what I tell myself at least. 

You might be thinking that spring doesn't actually start until April. You would be right. But here in North Carolina, it felt like spring in the middle of February! I set up my capsules based on when the climates start changing where I live, so for me spring is March - May.

For the Spring Capsule, I have a total of 45 pieces.  I have a skirt on the way and I have plans to replace one of my cardigans, so I'm essentially sitting at 47.  This still gives me room to buy a few more pieces throughout the three months. This time, my breakdown is:
  • 24 tops
  • 2 sweaters
  • 4 cardigans
  • 1 vest
  • 2 skirts (one on the way)
  • 5 pairs work pants
  • 3 pairs of jeans
  • 4 dresses
I decided to not count leggings anymore. I don't really wear them out that much and if I do, it's on a weekend when I'm running errands. I'm still not counting shoes, purses, or jewelry.

The big theme for this capsule is layering! North Carolina weather is notoritously weird, but this year seems to take the take. I have lots of cardigans and tops and dresses that work with them. I also tried to vary my pants lengths. I have capris and regular pant lengths. You pretty much have to be ready to have all four seasons in one week in NC and I've tried hard to take that into account.

Mix and Match
I also tried to do better with mixing and matching this time. I didn't do as well with my winter capsule and I could tell by the end. Making outfits became a chore and the need to laundry was strong! I still don't subscribe to the idea of all neutrals with a pop or all the same shade of one color when designing my capsules. I love color and I feel a little lost without it. It's probably why I get so excited about spring! This time, I worked really hard to make sure I had at least 25 different outfits with my various tops and bottoms and that I could make at least 3 outfits with each piece.  Here are some variations.

J Crew Polka Dot Skirt

Skirt: J Crew; Sweater - Stitch Fix; Cardigan - Target; Tee - Limited; Turquoise top - Stitch Fix; Cream top - Kohls
I can't even begin to explain to you my excitement over this skirt. It hasn't fit in at least 2 years, maybe even 3, and now it DOES! It's a pretty big deal for a J Crew 12 to fit me now. Anyway, I have four easy outfits with this skirt, probably more.  The 41Hawthorn sweater will be great for cooler days as will the Merona cardigan with the white t-shirt. The Daniel Rainn turquoise top and the Lauren Conrad top will be great for warmer days.

Merona Blue Cardigan

Cardigan - Target; Striped Blouse - Stitch Fix, Flower Top - Stitch Fix; Black and White Tank - Stitch Fix; Green Top - Banana Republic
I have owned, and loved, this cardigan from Target for years. I don't know what it is, but Target makes great cardigans! They are some of my absolute favorites. Most of these tops are from Stitch Fix, but all four of these tops will combine nicely with this cardigan and any of my work pants, making getting ready in the morning a breeze!

LulaRoe White and Gold Lola Skirt

Blue cardigan - Target; Black Cardigan - Stitch Fix; Skirt - LulaRoe; Turquoise top - Stitch Fix; Blue top - Stitch Fix
I bought the skirt from the LulaRoe Elegant Collection back in December. I loved it and had to have it, so much so that I bought a medium. It's tight. It might cause some fat rolls where I don't have them. I don't care. I never actually had the chance to wear it around Christmas, but I am very excited for it in my spring capsule! I have three different options here: my blue Merona cardigan with a black tee, my turquoise Daniel Rainn top, or my blue Brixon Ivy lace Jarred top. The Brixon Ivy top is another one that hasn't fit in a couple years, or at least not how I wanted it to, and now it does.  I might tell Aaron and show him every. single. time. something fits and didn't before.

What's New?
Every capsule, I buy a few new items. Not a lot, but some new ones. In the winter, I bought a few new t-shirts and a beautiful flutter sleeve top from Banana Republic that I'm keeping in this capsule. For this one, I'm adding more skirts and tops. Two skirts were featured above and I've purchased another pencil-type skirt from LulaRoe. I've added another work top that I actually purchased a few years ago but just now fits me like I want. My work wardrobe was lacking during the winter, so I tried to focus more on it this time and make sure I had plenty of professional items I could work with. I don't know that I didn't have enough for winter, I think I was just burnt out from fall. I also added a new t-shirt in a beautiful royal blue.

I'll be adding another cardigan, replacing my beloved magenta cardigan and I have a few new shoes I would like to buy.

I'm really excited for this capsule. I thought I would be over this whole capsule wardrobe thing by now, but I think it actually helps me enjoy my clothes more. I spend an entire afternoon playing in my closet, trying different outfits together and determining what I want to keep and what to move out. Some items I move out of the capsule unwillingly, like my gold LulaRoe Lindsay. I love it, it's so pretty and I get so many compliments when I wear it, but I feel like I'm going to wear it out if I'm not careful. I like to think that the capsule keeps me from being a shopaholic, but I really don't think that's possible.

Are you doing a capsule wardrobe? If not, what are some spring items you're dying to switch over to?

Now to go put my closet back together.

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