Friday, March 31, 2017

Measuring Success - 3/31/17

March is over, March is over! I don't know why, but I felt like this month took for-ev-er! I've been over it for probably half of it. Maybe it was the weird weather, weird hormones (cause I'm a girl), who knows. Either way, I'm glad it's over.

March was also a weird month for me weight-wise. I've been losing/gaining the same two pounds pretty much the whole time. I'd lose them, then gain them, then lose them again. In that regard, I don't feel like I made much progress. But I've also had two different people ask me if I've lost more weight, so I'm going with that instead. Aaron told me those two pounds are muscle. I think he's trying to make me feel better, but we'll also go with that. My body is weird. Who knows.

Heart Rate
Fitbit replaced my broken Blaze! Yay for awesome customer service! My resting heart rate has been consistently in the low 60s this month. Early in the month I was high 50s, but the past two weeks I've been between 60-63. Not bad.

I can't say that much about endurance this month. I didn't really make any leaps or bounds in this area, which is fine. Every month can't be swinging out of the park awesome. I did decide to switch up my classes some and have added in a boot camp class instead of my regular barre class on Wednesday nights. I felt like I wasn't doing enough high-intensity workouts, so I swapped one of my low-intensity ones for boot camp. In case you're curious, this is my usual week:
  • Sunday - rest day, unless I've been lazy, then I do something
  • Monday - yoga
  • Tuesday - spin and TRX boot camp
  • Wednesday - boot camp (was barre)
  • Thursday - mbala. If I have something on Tuesday night, then I'll do my two classes on Thurs instead
  • Friday - rest day
  • Saturday - barre and spin
So now I have two light classes, two high-cardio classes and two high-intensity/interval classes. Maybe this will jump start some more weight loss!

March started my new spring capsule wardrobe. I've added a lot more skirts and dresses than I used to wear and I've noticed that I almost exclusively wear skinny leg pants now. I can honestly say that I am comfortable with how I look in everything in my closet. And if nothing else, that's one big win for me.

I have this app on my phone called Timehop. It takes your social media accounts and pulls up your posts from that day throughout the past years. I have a love/hate relationship with Timehop. I love seeing blasts from the past, but I am also reminded how different 20s Sarah and 30s Sarah are. I was a little ridiculous, as are most 20-somethings. No offense, but once you hit 30, you'll get it. Anyway, Timehop popped up this image from my sister-in-law's wedding shower two years ago. And I did a comparison with a photo from a few weeks ago.

2 years ago vs. February
Holy moly. It's kind of crazy. I don't remember being that big, but the pictures show that. The photos from her wedding are even worse (only of me, the photos from Abbey's wedding are gorgeous!). I think that was when I really started trying to do something. That was two years ago.

March 2017
This is honestly why I do a monthly blog check in and why I do photos. It's a hard, long process. Sometimes, I just want to quit. Sometimes I just want to not spend all the time cooking and preparing my healthy food. But then I see this. And it's worth it. Every minute of prep, every time I grimace trying to get up my stairs after a good class (thanks Durre sisters!). Cause this doesn't just happen over night.

I was pretty surprised when I did my measurements last night. I've gone done everywhere but my waist this month. It was a nice surprise!
  • Arms - I lost 0.5" on my arms. I gained 0.25" last month, so it's nice to see that come off and then some!
  • Bust - I lost 0.25" on my bust.  
  • Waist - My waist didn't change this month.  
  • Hips - I'm down another 0.25" off my hips.  
  • Thighs - I'm down 1.0" off my thighs. I gained 0.5" last month, so again, nice to see it come off and then some. But Aaron also reminded me how I've always said my thighs don't get any smaller but here I am losing an inch off of them. They're still thunder thighs though. They aren't going anywhere.  
This month, I'm actually two pounds heavier than I was at the end of last month. It's been a yo-yo month. It's okay, it happens. Honestly, I'm not surprised. Any time I have a good month or two, the next few are pretty stagnant. I've gotten used to the cycle and I really don't let it bother me. Not too much at least. It is frustrating, but it's part of this process. 

I'm glad March is over. Here's to hoping for an April where my weight moves again (in the right direction). Thanks for being here and reading up on my progress each month. Happy last day of March!

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