Thursday, March 9, 2017

My Favorite Gym Rat Accessories

One night during a yoga class, while getting all of our props, a girl said to me, "these are all of our accessories now" and I thought "this woman is a genius!" Cause it's true. Once you're a gym rat, you're accessories change. Yes, I still have a ton of shoes and jewelry, but now most of my money is spent on my gym accessories: shoes, mats, props, water bottles, things to keep my hair out of my face.

After a year of living at my gym (at least that's how I feel), I've come up with a list of my favorites, in no particular order.

Spin Shoes
I did spin for years at the YMCA. My spin life totally changed when I started going to Burn. At the YMCA, I used regular tennis shoes and spin shorts that I lovingly called my "adult diaper pants." They had the built in saddle support. Wonderfully comfy, but not so great for doing combination classes like spin and circuit. I haven't worn the adult diaper pants in years, but I swear by spin shoes.

Peal Izumi W X-Road Fuel IV Spin Shoe (affiliate link)
These are my spin shoes. I like that they are more like a regular shoe than a traditional spin shoe aka you can actually walk in them! Spin shoes are life changing. You can sprint so much easier in these with no fear of your foot falling out of the cage. I would recommend sizing up at least a half to a full size in these. I also wear thin socks with them. 

Yoga Mat
A good yoga mat is priceless. That seems silly, but if you spend a lot of time on the mat, you need to love it. I used my gym's mats for the longest time (I think they are Manduka mats) and while they are nice, I slid all over the place! I did lots of research and finally settled on Lululemon's The Mat. 

Lululemon The Mat 5mm and Yoga Mat Strap
I chose the more expensive mat because I wanted the thicker mat for my knees. I love how stable it is, even on the carpet in my house! My favorite part, though, is that I can sweat buckets and I don't slip and slide! I've done hot power flow and mbala on this mat and have yet to need a mat towel. Best $70 I have ever spent!

Hair Ties
My hair tie obsession is ridiculous. Aaron made the statement the other day "how to tell your wife is a gym rat" while collecting my hair ties throughout the house. They are everywhere and multiply like rabits! However, not all hair ties are made equal. 

Scunci Everyday and Active Hair Ties (affiliate link)
These are my favorite hair ties. I actually got them for free from a Hip 2 Save Facebook post. I love them. They survive circuit classes (lots of jumping and running) and yoga (lots of moving the back of your head on a mat) without my hair falling out.

Water Bottle
I own a ridiculous amount of water bottles. I have my super expensive Bobble bottle from Burn that I inevitably dump water on me every time I use it. I have my cheap bottle from Cycle Bar that holds a lot, but doesn't keep it cold. And then I found this one. 
Contigo Autospout Ashland Scuba Glass Water Bottle (affiliate link)
It's glass, so it keeps the water cold. It's pretty (cause that's what you worry about while at the gym). You can lock it, so it doesn't open in your gym bag and dump water everywhere. It's pretty much my favorite. Also, in case you can't tell, I like blue.

Mat Strap
I spent months looking for a gym bag that would also handle my yoga mat. That proved difficult because I bought the cadillac of yoga mats and it's too thick to fit into most of the yoga mat spaces in gym bags. Then I gave up and got a yoga mat strap for like $5. Score. (see mat photo above)

Yoga Mat Cleaner
This. If you sweat buckets like I do, you need a mat cleaner. The Lulu mat smells when you first get it, so the cleaner also helps with that.  Mostly, though, it just helps your mat last longer and not be disgusting.
Asutra Yoga Mat Cleaner (affiliate link)
This is the one that I use and I love that it comes with a towel! I have the lavender and it smells so good!

Yoga Blocks
My blocks actually came with an intro to yoga kit I got at Target. I think any blocks are good, but if you are practicing yoga at home or working on any poses, blocks are necessary. They really help you work your way through poses and tight muscles. 

The funny thing is that I really don't think I have as many accessories as I thought I would. I was looking for a gym bag, but ended up using some of the totes I already have. I do have a ridiculous amount of shoes, but that's nothing new for me. What about you, what are some of your favorite gym rat accessories?!


  1. This is so awesome girl! I love yoga

    -xoxo, Azanique

  2. I make my own yoga mat cleaner because I never knew where to buy it. Thanks for fyi!