Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Life Lately

Guys! It's Tuesday. This week is nutty for us. The week before was nutty, too. But I figure most people's lives are nutty. I attended a blogger event this past week and I was talking with another blogger (Mary Leigh over at Live Well Play Together) about how we tend to show our best selves on social media, our blogs, etc. So today, you get a real live "this is how it goes down in the Zinn life" post. 

One of my favorite parts about being a blogger is the blogger community in the Triangle. I have met some amazing bloggers through our local group, TriFabb.  We have meet-ups every month where we do fun things and hang out with each other. This month we did a sneak peek at the Southern Women's show! We did a scavenger hunt for our free swag. I left loaded down with free stuff and scored a cute top from Interact of Wake County, a local non-profit that works with women fleeing domestic abuse. We also got free tickets to the show, which I used on Saturday!

My free stuff! Not shown - gigantic beach mat from Ovi Hydration! I am super excited about that map!
This past Friday we mulched our yard. By we, I mean Aaron with some help from his friend Josh. I'm going to give Aaron some big kudos for this because this was all him! Last week, he worked a couple of night shifts (4 pm to midnight) and even pulled a double one night (2nd and 3rd shift). He worked last weekend, so he already had Thursday and Friday off. We've been talking for awhile about mulching our beds. The builder just used pine straw. We also talked about connecting our beds, because frankly the way they landscaped was a little strange. Aaron came up with this idea, mapped it out and did about 90% of the work. And it looks amazing!

Here are some before photos of the yard. 

Side angle of the house with the pine straw

You can see in the photos above and in the one below that we had two separate beds. Aaron's idea was to connect the two. He used our water hose to outline the new bed. Then he spent most of Friday removing the sod.

Planned bed
And here's the after! I love the red mulch! Looks so good with the colors on the house and the stone!

Finished product!
On Saturday, my friend Jess came up. We did some bridal registry stuff for her wedding. I have a confession - I LOVE china. If I had all the money and the storage in the world, I swear I would have like ten different sets of china. Alas, I do not and have plenty of china of my own, so now I just offer my services in helping others register for their own china, ha! After that we took advantage of my free show tickets and hit up the Southern Women's show!

I had never been to the Southern Women's Show. To be honest, it didn't sound like something I would enjoy. I was wrong! It's a lot like the Holly Day Fair that my mom and I religiously attend in Fayetteville - a bunch of vendors, but with more of a focus on women. There were make-up counters galore, every networking marketing business known to man, clothing, and food! I really loved how many local vendors there were! There was even an Etsy shop. 

I didn't come home with any clothes, but I did come home with some home decor! I found this gorgeous wood sign that I fell in love with and bought immediately from AR Workshop in Raleigh. It's going on my big wall in my living room. 

Ignore the yellow lighting. It's been raining for two days and natural light wasn't my friend!
At the end of the show, I was dragging from carrying my gorgeous sign and some cute guy with a golf cart offered to take us to our cars. We obliged, naturally.

Jess got a makeover at Dior at the show. She probably won't be doing that again!
Sunday we spent with Aaron's family. We missed Easter with them since he had to work, so we did our Easter this weekend. We had lunch and played Pandemic. We died. We always die. Then we did some shopping for workout clothes for Aaron and groceries. I was done by that point. I was peopled out! We got some Chinese for dinner and called it a night. 

This week, Aaron's in wastewater class all week. I've got a class Wednesday night and an appointment on Thursday and we leave Friday for a friend's wedding in New Bern. This weekend starts the madness of three weddings in a month. Thankfully, I've got some Amy's Chili Mac (seriously, amazing) and a crock pot to help me survive this week.

In the interest of full-disclosure and real-real life posts, I might have gotten Little Caesar's last night instead of cooking. Almost running out of gas due to stupid traffic and flooding roads is traumatic. And cooking was just not going to happen after that.  

How's your life going? 

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  1. So fun! I am glad this rain is out of here! I was thankful for the rain, but it got real yuck real quick!

    I LOVE that sign so much! I want to find a place in our house for one like it! It was fun to see you last week and I'm excited to see you tomorrow, too!

    Happy Tuesday!