Friday, April 28, 2017

Measuring Success - 4/28/17 - A Good Place

I think I can finally say that I've found the good place in this journey of mine. Or at least the first big one. I weighed myself once this entire month. It was this past Tuesday just to make sure I hadn't gained like 10 pounds in a month. I actually didn't gain any. Other than that, I really didn't think about it and it was glorious. When I told Aaron that I hadn't weighed myself all month, he told me he felt like I was in a good place. That it wasn't necessarily about the numbers anymore, but how I felt. And I thought about it all week and it's true. I'm in a darn good place.

Normally this post would talk about changes in my weight and my measurements. But today, this time, we're going to talk about the good place. Cause in your journey this is where you want to be.

I'm happier with my body than I have been in years. I don't hate watching myself in the mirror in the gym. I actually like it. I can see my muscles moving and working. I look strong and healthy. It's also really cool to know that I did that. I, with the help of others, transformed my body. That's awesome when you think about it.

I can consistently touch my knee to my elbow in yoga. If you haven't tried to do that, you might think that's nothing. This is huge for me. Some things are just physically not going to happen when you have a large chest, some extra baggage in the tummy and large thighs. But you also can't let that be your excuse. I started taking a Tuesday night yoga class with the owner of my gym. She teaches a yoga class that is basic in moves but anything but basic in strength. I lovingly call it yoga boot camp. I honestly burn more calories in that yoga class than most of my other high-cardio classes. But she pushes you and gives you space to push yourself and play. We've been working on chin stands, among other things. I'm nowhere near a chin stand, but I'm super proud that I can touch my elbow with my knee. It's no joke. And I've started being able to shift my weight forward so that one day (soon, hopefully), I can fly.

Top and bottoms from Fabletics
My skin and makeup are on point. I have finally figured out how to keep eyeliner on all through the day. I have a skin care routine and my skin loves it. My skin was never bad, it's always been great actually, and now it's better.

I still love food, but it doesn't rule me. I'm not tied to eating a certain amount of calories. I know when I've eaten like crap during a week and I make slight adjustments, like getting a salad for a working lunch instead of a sandwich and potato salad. I have better choices in my house. I make better choices when I cook. I still eat Cookout, sweet tea and queso and that will never change. Sorry not sorry.

I'm fitting in clothes I haven't seen in years! It's like shopping in your own closet. And I'm fitting in shirts that I bought as motivation. Like this bra top from Athleta. Let me tell you, in a studio gym full of Lululemon and Athleta wearing girls sporting strappy sports bras and back-bearing tops, I have longed for the day to wear one of those fun tops. They aren't really practical with a larger chest and aren't attractive if you have back fat. I bought this blue top from Athleta probably six months ago thinking "oh, it's a large, it'll fit" Yeah, no. It did fit, but I didn't feel comfortable in it.

Now I do. It's actually really supportive, even in spin. Not sure it's up for a boot camp class, but that's okay. My back is pretty awesome these days, so I'm happy to show it off some. Mostly, I just think it's cool that I can now wear some of those trendy tops like the other girls.

Mostly, though, I'm just comfortable in my own skin. I'm not posting any measurements this month. I haven't taken them and I'm okay with it. Plus, I feel like that would ruin this post, which is about everything but my numbers. I will post a comparison shot.

February 2016 and April 2017. And my new awesome top!
If you're on your journey, I hope you get to this point. Where the scale still matters, but doesn't rule you. Where you can truly look back and be darn proud of everything that you've done, no matter how far you still have to go. That, my friends, is the good place.

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  1. This post makes me so happy! It's so good to feel strong and healthy! that's the place I like to be. I have learned that it is so empowering when you are able to move away from the scale (not to totally shame the scale, it can help keep you on track and give you SOME indicators of where you should be) and just acknowledge the legitimate strength of your body.

    It is incredible to be able to exercise, eat well, and see your body perform. I am constantly in awe and grateful of and for my body. I never want to take my health forgranted especially since we aren't guaranteed to always have it.

    What an encouraging post! Happy Friday!