Wednesday, April 12, 2017

What I Wish 23 Me Knew

Do you ever look back at photos of yourself and wonder what if you knew then what you know now? I don't very often, but sometimes I do.

I think back to 23 year old me. That might seem like a weird number to you, but it was a big year for me, whether I knew then or not. It was a year after I moved to Raleigh for a job. I didn't hardly know anyone in and had to start all over with friends. It was the year I met my husband, though I thought he was the most obnoxious person I had ever met. That year was the beginning.

At 23, I couldn't know what life  (up until now) would entail. I don't even know what it has for me in the future. It's kinda magical that way. Who could guess that I would fall in love with the most obnoxious person on the face of the planet? That we would try and kill each other, break up and get back together and never look back. I couldn't know that the job that moved me to Raleigh would become my career.

There are things I wish I could tell myself.

That there are better men out there. In fact, you've already found him, so leave the crappy ones alone. And try not to kill the obnoxious one. He grows on you.

That life will get hard. You'll work some crazy hours, deal with some crazy people, but will learn more in those 7 years than most learn in a lifetime. And will get some pretty amazing friends out of it.

That life isn't always hard. Sometimes you go through the hard things to appreciate the good ones.

That weight you lost in college? It comes back with a vengeance. It's probably going to be your fight the rest of your life. But you'll be stronger for it.

That the scale is just a number. It will go up, it'll come down. But you won't feel any better until you're stronger. Until you believe in you.

That you'll start graduate school. And love it and hate it and all the things in between.  But you'll never regret it.

Mostly, I think I would just tell me to love me. That's been the biggest lesson of all - to love me. To give me grace and accept me as I am. We want it from others, but rarely do we do it for ourselves.  What would you tell yourself?

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  1. I love posts like this so much! It is crazy to think back to our younger selves with such hindsight. We learn so much as we grow older. So much yes to the weight on the scale being just a number. This is one of the things I am learning SO much these days. I'm not even mad about the number on the scale, but I really feel so much better when my body feels strong regardless what the scale says.