Friday, May 5, 2017

A Day to Myself in New Bern

This past weekend we were in New Bern, North Carolina for a friend's wedding. Aaron was a bromaid, meaning he was in the wedding on the bride's side. The groom also had two girls on his side, so it worked. While Aaron did his bromaid thing, I spent the day exploring New Bern!

New Bern reminds me of a smaller Charleston. It's a super cute town on the water, but not at the beach, with lots of history. We parked our car at the hotel and we didn't move it the rest of the weekend until we left. I literally walked everywhere on Saturday.

Saturday was a beautiful day. If there is anything that I love, it's being left alone to explore a small town by myself. Especially if there's some touristy stuff to do. Aaron doesn't always enjoy the touristy and historic things, so it's nice to not have to subject him to them.

I started by touring Tryon Palace. It's not really a palace like you would think, you know turrets and all. But it was the state's first permanent capitol. It burned down to its foundation and then was restored in the 1950's. The stable building was the only one that survived.

Did you know that your travels don't actually count if there isn't a photo with your head in it? It's true.

What I thought was super cool was that five ladies restored the house. They used original plans for the house and rebuilt it on the original foundation. They found lists of items that former Governors' had in the home and used that to furnish the house.

For example, one Governor had a list of over 450 volumes by name and edition that were in the library at one time. The ladies were able to recover almost all of the books, so most of the books that are now in the library are the same titles and editions that were once there. Cool, right? Well, at least it is to me.

I also thought it was cool to see the rooms where the first General Assembly meetings were held. I'm a geek, I know. 

The gardens were gorgeous. There weren't super flowery like the gardens at Biltmore, but much more greenery and plants native to Eastern North Carolina. 

And any trip to a historic place in NC isn't complete without one cannon photo!

As I said above, the stable building is the only original building on the site, but the workmanship on the wood inside is amazing. It still looks brand new!

I spent most of my morning at Tryon Palace and using my day pass. I was also able to tour two historic homes as part of my pass. There was also a Civil War house, but when I went, the door was locked. 

For lunch, I stopped by MJ's Raw Bar. The sweet tea was some of the best I have ever had and I consider myself a sweet tea connoisseur! You know how some sweet tea can have a bitter taste? This one didn't, just smoothly and perfectly sweet. I ordered a soft shell crab sandwich. And this is what I got.

So, if you've never had a soft shell crab sandwich (which I hadn't), you get a whole crab. Like eating Sebastian (you know, Little Mermaid). I had to google it. Apparently, you eat the whole thing. So I did. It was easier once I put the bun on top and didn't have to see Sebastian. However, a leg poked out once in a while. I tried not to think about it. 

After lunch, I headed back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding. I didn't get many photos at the wedding, because they had a sign asking people not to take photos. I requested the same at mine. So I obliged...except when they handed Aaron a bouquet. That I had to document.

He's such a handsome bromaid! We had so much fun at the wedding! I didn't know anyone at the wedding besides Aaron and Joylynn (the bride), but everyone there was so nice! Normally, I pretty much suck at making new friends. That's Aaron's job in our marriage, not mine. But I was at a table by myself and he was at the head table. I loved everyone that I got to sit with and we made friends with all the bridesmaids.  It was honestly one of my favorite weddings.

Congrats to Joylynn and Jared! Thanks for a reason to spend some time in New Bern! I'll be back down there later in the month for a conference. I've already scoped out my next places to check out while I'm there. 

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  1. New Bern is awesome! I haven't been in a while though. It's great that you were able to do some exploring yourself while you guys were there!