Wednesday, June 28, 2017

June 2017 Stitch Fix Review

Confession time - whenever I get a notice that my fix is being styled, I obsessively refresh the app until it says that it has shipped so I can peak and see what I've gotten. I know, I know. Totally against the whole "surprise" thing, but I can't help it! And it's still a surprise because you never know how things are going to look on you!  I was super excited when I saw that I was getting - it looked like a 5/5 fix!

If you aren't familiar with Stitch Fix, check out this blog post for information on the service and on how it works.  For those of you that know Stitch Fix, let's get to the good stuff!

Diba Dreamer Sandal, 8.5 - $65

I really liked these shoes out of the box. The neutral color and straps seemed perfect.  Unfortunately, the sandals were too small.  The color was also quite terrible on my skin, so I didn't request an exchange.  I tried to photograph them on my feet, but the straps looked really weird.  Anyway, back they went.

Skies are Blue Reginald Crochet Detail Top, L - $54

 I love my stylist, Kelly. Kelly gets me. She gets me so much that she sent me this beautiful green shirt that she knew I would immediately love.  And I did! Then Aaron reminded me that it looks exactly like half of my other tops. So while I loved it, I didn't need to spend $54 on another top that looked like what I already own. Back it went.  I'm still a little sad about it.

Gilli Ryland Knit 2fer Maxi Dress, L - $78

I was a little skeptical about this dress. I'm short with short legs.  Long skirts and dresses are generally not my friends, but this dress was really flattering! I didn't love it at first, but when I put it on, Aaron really liked it.  I actually thought it had too much cleavage at first, ha.  When I looked in the mirror, I was pleasantly surprised.  We have a few weddings later in the summer/fall and this will work great for those! I kept this one and am so excited to wear it!

Skies are Blue Henlow Knit Halter Top, L - $38

I love this top. I loved it in the peak, I loved it out of the box and I loved it on.  It's really comfortable and flattering! I've worked hard on my arms/shoulders, so I love being able to show them off! I also really appreciated the price point! I rarely get tops less than $40 from Stitch Fix!  Obviously, I kept this one.

Can we talk about my shoulders? Cause they look awesome!

Dear John Corbin Frayed Hem Short, 12 - $58 

Dear John is one of my favorite brands for shorts. However, they are all over the place with sizing! I have a size 14 pair from last summer that are huge on me! Like I can take them on and off without unbuttoning or zipping. But this pair? I barely got over my butt. I liked the white and frayed hem. I was excited for them! But I didn't know if sizing up would help or if they were going to be like my other 14s and lose their stretch really quickly and then be too huge to wear.  They were also shorter than I prefer, so back they went. 

What do you think? Would you have kept something I didn't?

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