Friday, June 30, 2017

Measuring Success - June 29, 2017

Happy end of the month! June went by so, so fast. In fact, I normally have this post written earlier in the week and this week? Totally wrote it Thursday night at 9:00 PM. It's normally the first one I crank out and here I am a little lost on what to say.  June wasn't a good month, it was actually a really good month!

The past few months, I haven't stuck to my usual format for this post. I used to go over my heart rate, my endurance, how my clothes fit, photos, measurements and weight.  And today, that seems a little restictive.  Maybe it's because I've finally hit that place where I'm okay with where I'm at, maybe it's because some things this month were good and some not so good. Either way, this month, I'm going to follow my gut and take a slightly different approach.

The Good
Last month, I gained weight. Five pounds. I went back over the dreadful number that I worked so hard to get past on the scale.  So this month, I buckled down. I kept with my workout schedule, but I did something new and actually tracked my food.  Every day. I realized how many calories were in my favorite Cookout tray (that was super depressing) and learned that overall I actually eat pretty healthy.  Tracking just helped me realize that I didn't need that extra snack or Starbucks drink.  By doing that I lost 7.4 pounds.  That's pretty awesome!

I did yoga with my friend Chrissy. Chrissy and I have had a growing friendship over the years. I met her though my friend Sarah when she lived in Fayetteville.  I learned that she was an awesome crafty person and I became one of her best customers! She made me jewelry, placemats and even an amazing painting that still hangs in my kitchen today. Then I got into yoga and she became my far away yoga buddy.  Then they moved back from Arizona, where they were stationed for a few years, and now she lives just south of Richmond.  So we decided we needed to have a girls day! I drove up Friday night, we had pizza and beer and the next morning we went to do hot yoga in VA Beach. It was a different experience because there were only three of us.  I'm used to a fuller class! But it was fun to do yoga with my friend! Then we had an awesome lunch and walked on the beach. A year ago, I would not have traveled to do yoga. I would have laughed at you a little if you did it.  And here I am, all excited about it.

My shoulders look awesome. I took this photo for my Stitch Fix post and wanted to post it here. I've worked really hard on these bad boys, so I'm happy to show them off.

The Not So Good
I didn't want to call this "the bad," because it really isn't anything bad, it's just not as good as I want it to be.  I took my measurements last night and I gained inches in my waist and hips (0.5" each) and stayed the same in my bust and arms. I did lose 0.5" off my thighs, so that's good! I guess I just expected with a 7 lb weight loss that I would see some inches come off as well, not gain them!

For me, comparison photos are still the best indicator of success.  The change happens so gradually that if I don't look back at where I came from, I don't always see just how much I've actually accomplished.  This time last year, we were on our Alaskan cruise. So I've had tons of photos pop up on my Timehop app and I can't help but be amazed at how different my face looks now.

At this point last year, I'd been going to the gym for about six months, but I hadn't kicked it into high gear. I was still doing about three to four classes a week (versus my six or seven now) and I hadn't really changed my eating habits that much. So while I was definitely in better shape than when I started, I hadn't had that much change. I look at that pic from last year and the one from a recent wedding and I can't help but be proud.  I see a thinner face, but I also see someone that is so much happier and more comfortable in her own skin.

So July is almost here.  Tomorrow actually. We'll be celebrating my husband all day tomorrow and I'm so excited for it. He's truly my favorite person and there isn't anyone that I would rather spend a whole day celebrating (except maybe myself). My goal for July is my last 3 pounds before I hit a total of 25 pounds lost.  I'm at 22 right now and I would so love to be able to say I've lost 25. It's just a nice, round number. Other than that, I'm going to keep up what I've been doing and enjoy our vacation and summer.  Happy Friday folks! How's your journey going?

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