Friday, August 4, 2017

Favorite Finds: Drug Store Beauty Products

There are some women that never wear makeup.  There are some that wear minimal makeup, such as mascara and lip gloss. I am not that woman. I don't have bad skin, I don't necessarily need to cover anything up, but I personally think that makeup helps finish off my outfit. It brings out my deep set eyes so you can tell that I have them, it brightens up my complexion and, let's be honest, it's fun! Years ago, I switched over to prestige brands such as Urban Decay, Smashbox, Marc Jacobs, etc and left the drugstore brands behind.  But lately, I've been bringing the drugstore brands back and I love them!

I'm not going to lie, I've been trying out more drugstore brands simply because I have coupons for them.  I use Ibotta and it's recently had really good rebates for brands like Cover Girl and Neutrogena.  This allows me to buy some new seasonal products without feeling guilty about it.  I'm not an affiliate of any of these brands, I'm just sharing what I've been wearing lately.  So, without further ado, here's my four favorite drugstore beauty finds!

Yes to Cucumber Micellar Water (Target - on sale for $8.09, Ulta - $8.99, CVS - $9.99)
I'm new to this whole micellar water thing. I've been admittedly terrible in the past about taking off my makeup at night. I'm still not great at it, truth be told.  But this product does make it a lot easier! I've been using this with my Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Meltaway.  The meltaway didn't make my eyes happy, so I started using the micellar water for my eye makeup and it's worked like a dream! The only thing I don't love about this product is that it's a pump so I can't just squirt some on a q-tip when I want to clean up my eye makeup.  I have to get the liquid on a cotton ball first and then rub the q-tip on the cotton ball.  But for $8.09, it works like a dream!

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer (Target - $10.99, Ulta - $12.99, CVS - $13.49, Walmart - $10.97)
I picked this guy up at Target on a whim.  After a week at the beach, summer face was in full effect and my regular foundation was at least one to two shades too light.  I had a rebate for Ibotta for $4.00 off this product, so I figured $6.99 was a good investment for a light, sheer foundation to get me through the rest of summer. And I love it! It has SPF 20 (my regular foundation has none), goes on super light but with good coverage and doesn't feel super oily. I hate, hate, hate that oily face feel. Yuck. And the best part is, Ibotta still has the rebate for $4.00 off! You can use it at Target and Walmart. If you don't have Ibotta, you can use my referral link

My summer color is on the left and my winter color is on the right. I'm wearing Ivory to Fair in the Neutrogena.  

Neutrogena Moisture Smooth Color Stick (Target - $7.99, Ulta - $8.99, CVS - $8.99, Walmart - $7.97)
When I picked up the Skin Enhancer, I also picked one of these up.  I had a $2.00 rebate, making my purchase only $5.99. Plus, there was a bonus at the time for another $1.00 rebate if I did both Neutrogena purchases, so I figured why not.  Cheap retail therapy is always a good thing! I love a good lip crayon. I'm not a huge lipstick person. I have full lips and they rarely need, or do well with, a ton of saturated color. But color sticks I can control better and tend to stay on longer, so I'm more apt to wear them than lipstick.  I was a little disappointed that this is more like a cross between a gloss and a lipstick and less like a crayon.  The pigment doesn't stay as long, however, it's super moisturizing and a has a really nice, light fragrance. Not a smack you in the face fragrance, but a light, pleasant one. This rebate is also back this month and I plan on buying another one! I'm wearing Pink Nude. 

NYX Professional Eye Shadow Base (Target - $6.99, Ulta - $6.99)
NYX is my go-to cheap brand.  They have many of the same products that my expensive brands carry, but at a fraction of the cost.  I picked up this eye shadow base because I had just replaced all of my makeup and was still reeling from that cost when my usual eye shadow base also ran out.  I didn't feel like spending another $20, so I picked this guy up to see how well it worked.  I wouldn't say that I like it better than my usual (Urban Decay Primer Potion - I use sin), but I am impressed with how it works for a $7 product! My eye shadow stays in place all day and it doesn't gunk up in the corners.  If you're looking for a cheaper alternative, definitely check this one out!

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