Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Why You Need to Be on Poshmark and Shop My Closet!

A few months ago, I was introduced to Poshmark by my friend Traci over at Choosing Better.  We were at a blogger class and she was showing me her Poshmark page and how she sells her clothes on there and even has a little side gig by shopping thrift stores and reselling on Poshmark.  I tried it out and liked it.  Fast forward three or four months and I'm obsessed! I'm so obsessed that I'm writing this post on it without any compensation or affiliation!

If you're like me, your thoughts are something along the lines of this:
  • Does it really work?
  • Is it convenient? How much do I really have to do to make some money?
  • Why not just go to a consignment store where they do all the work for me?
  • Is there even good stuff on there?
Instead of telling you all the amazing reasons you should do Poshmark (Traci did a fabulous job of that here), I'm going to answer these questions as a real live Posher.

Does it really work?
Yes. So much yes! My first sale was made in June 2017 and since then I have sold a total of 16 items for $172.80. Some weeks are really dull and I have no sales then there are weeks like last week where I sold four items! It comes and goes, but sticking with it and sharing your items is what will make you sales.  I've been using the money I earn to help fund my LulaRoe, Stitch Fix and maternity purchases lately!

Is it convenient? How much work do I really have to do to make some money?
It's super convenient.  You take photos with the app and post your items for sale.  I spend about 3-5 minutes per item making sure that it's ironed, photographed well, possibly pairing with other items in my closet and listing it for sale. From there, I share my items about three times a day, sometimes more if there are parties.  Sharing is what gets your items seen and sold! Once an item sells, Poshmark sends you a shipping label, you pack and ship it and you're done!  I get my boxes from the post office (they also deliver boxes for free!) and I schedule pick ups with the post office so I don't ever have to actually go to the post office. I really don't know how much simpler it can get!

Why not just go to a consignment store?
A consignment store is reliant on the people that come in that store, so you have a limited market. They have a limited amount of space, so they are super picky about the items that they sell (how old it is, trend, any stains, etc) and they keep them for a short amount of time. They also have overhead, so you get a very small percentage back of what the actual item sells for.

Poshmark is on your phone, in the hands of millions of people. You share your items, so you aren't dependent on people coming into a brick and mortar store in a certain area, but have the ability to get your items in front of people all over the US.  There is no need to limit the items for sale because it's all on an app on your phone.  Most of the items that I'm selling were originally turned down from a consignment store! They weren't in bad shape, they just didn't meet that specific store's criteria.  And have you ever made $173 on 16 items from a consignment store? Because I sure haven't!

Is there even good stuff on there?!
Absolutely, but like any good thrift store, you need to know what you're looking for.  You can set your sizes, brands you like, etc and shop that way or you can search for specific items. I've actually been using it to buy some cute maternity clothes for cheap! So far I've gotten a pair of Loft jeans for $18 and a Pea in the Pod sweater for $10 and both were great experiences. The only warning I will give is to my LulaRoe girls - it's usually more expensive. Like a lot more expensive. I don't know if sellers think people don't know the actual prices or if they have unicorns, but I've noticed that a lot of the LulaRoe items I'm looking for (Carly, Lola, etc) are priced much higher than I could get at regular price or are about the same once I add shipping. My main advice is to know your products and pricing.

How to shop my closet!
So now that I've told you why Poshmark is wonderful and why you should go try it out, I'm also going to tell you how to shop my closet! As a blogger, I get comments from readers about what I'm wearing, where I found it, etc.  Now you can shop my previously loved items that might not fit just right or that aren't getting the wear I thought I would out of them right here on my blog! There is a new page called "Shop My Closet" with a live link to my Poshmark page.  You can see all the new items that I add weekly and shop from there.  You can also check out the people I'm following and what they are selling.

If you haven't tried Poshmark and this lovely post has convinced you to give it a go, make sure you use my referral code (URABC) when you sign-up! Have fun poshing!

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