Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Lately: Overwhelmed

Let's be real. If you can't be real on your blog, on your space, where can you be? Life is crazy. It's beautiful, complicated, messy, hard. All of those things and more. And when you add in major life changes like weddings and babies, it's even more of all those things.  It's overwhelming.

The past few weeks have been kind of hard for me. It's not been one thing or another, but rather an accumulation.  We've had a lot going on. I'm hiring for a position at work. We're rearringing rooms at the house so Aaron can start painting. We're moving my office this week at work. We had a wedding last weekend. And then all the other regular life stuff. It became a lot. I felt like walls were closing in on me. Because apparently, when you're pregnant, you lose your coping skills.  Normally, I'm a champ under stress.  Thrive on it, even. But right now? Not so much.  I've had to find new ways to cope. I take short walks at work, just to walk away. And I've been easier on myself, let myself miss a few gym and such.

And blogging has taken a back seat. As you've probably noticed. Because I can't do it all and I'm not going to lose my sanity. But it's still important to me, so I'm still going to try and post at least twice a week. It's good for my sanity and soul.

But let's talk fun stuff. Let's talk the fun things that are going on!  We finished our baby registries! Woo! Talk about overwhelming.  There are so many choices and things. Like you could fill your entire house with baby things. I'm going to do my best not to do that. And we've picked out a theme for the baby's room. And I am so. freakin. excited for it! Still no name yet, though.

We've also worked on a few house projects. Nesting is real. We've been moving stuff from the office to the guest room to get the office ready for painting. We also worked on Aaron's man cave. A couple weeks ago, Target had a deal where you got a $10 gift card if you spent $50 on household decor. So I bought these floating bookshelves for Aaron's room.  The Pop! Funko characters fit perfectly on them.

Aaron's Fast and Furious Pop! Collection. Shelves from Target

I also picked up a new black frame for the last print so we could hang these babies up.

These are water colors that I found at the Holly Day Fair in Fayetteville a few years ago.  The guy also sells them on Etsy.  His Etsy shop is AmourableArt.  I started with the four Avengers, but found Deadpool last year.  All of this stuff has been chilling on the floor in Aaron's man cave for at least a year or two.  We still have a Spiderman print to frame and a puzzle to finish and frame and then this room will be done!  Here's the whole thing so far.  You can see the half-finished puzzle in the corner.

I also picked up this super cute mail sorter from Target.  We'd been piling the mail up on the counter and I wanted to free up some more counter space, so I picked this guy up to get my $10 gift card I mentioned above. I also got some chalkboard markers at Michael's to write on the labels.  The markers are great because they only wipe off with water.

Mail sorter from Target
We also replaced my grandma's china cabinet.  It was all glass and didn't have a lot of extra storage, which I wanted for my table linens.  I've been running upstairs every time I wanted to change the linens out and that's annoying. And too much effort. We found this beautiful hutch (I call it the Great Wall of China) on NextDoor for $200. It matches our dining room set perfectly and I have storage to spare!

Original china cabinet

New hutch with our dining room. Sorry for lack of light!
Our next project is the backsplash in the kitchen.  My goal is to get as many projects done as I can before little man gets here. I figure those projects will pretty much halt then.

So yeah. There ya go. That's life lately. Am I the only one that's super overwhelmed in this whole pregnancy thing? Please tell me I'm not!

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  1. The new hutch looks awesome! Hoping that you get some rest soon - but glad you are finding helpful coping mechanisms. It's incredible what some fresh air can do during the work day! We don't have a name either - names are tough to decide!