Tuesday, November 28, 2017

November 2017 Maternity Stitch Fix Review

Confession - This box arrived like two weeks ago. I managed to take photos of everything before I sent it all back and had the best of intentions to do a post last week, but a cold and Thanksgiving got in the way of that. So you get the review this week! Without further adieu, here's my November Maternity Stitch Fix Review!

I kept all five items in my last fix. I sold one of them, but it was still a big investment for me, so I put this box off until my birthday instead of October, when it should have arrived. Even then, I had already decided I would only keep one item out of the fix. In my note to Kelly, I requested dresses that I could wear to showers and maternity photos, preferably a maxi, and maybe some work tops. Mom took me maternity shopping for my birthday and I picked up a bunch of cute things, but you would be surprised how hard it is to find good work maternity clothes! When I peeked (cause I always peek), I was a little disappointed. No maxi dress and the tops weren't really thrilling me at first glance. But, I decided to reserve judgment and see what everything looked like. I was actually pleasantly surprised!

Laila Jayde - Bowie 3/4 Sleeve Dolman Knit Top L ($58)

When I first pulled this top out, I wasn't too thrilled. It's brown. I'm not a brown shirt person. But it's so soft and comfy! I loved the fact that it wasn't maternity, but honestly, I don't need another a) dolman or b) casual top. So I sent this one back.

41 Hawthorn - Zaza Open Cardigan L ($58)

I was super excited to see another non-maternity item. However, I might need to put a moratorium on cardigans from Stitch Fix. I love them and it's so hard to turn them down! I liked that this one is actually a dark gray, instead of black, and that it's open. Open cardigans are my jam. But, I don't need another cardigan. And the arms were a little long and awkward on me. I sent this one back.

Also, I took front and side photos of each item so you can see what your belly will look like. I've learned that for the most part, I'm more comfortable in body con than baby doll/empire waist. I just look gigantic in the second.

Skies are Blue Maternity - Arnett Maternity Lace Knit Top L ($58)

Nope, nope, nope. This was a whole bunch of nope. We'll start with the positives. I love the color. Green is actually my favorite color and jewel tones are my best friends, color-wise. I like the 3/4 sleeve. It's my favorite length for fall and winter because it's easy to layer. And that's where the good things end.

Kelly tried to hit the note for work and maternity photos/showers with this, but it just wasn't me. Funny, it doesn't look bad in the photos. But it just didn't feel right. The top felt super matronly on me. The lace felt old lady-ish and the lacy arms were ick. When I was a kid, I hated lace because it was itchy. Apparently, that still stands. This was a heck no and went back. Oh, I also felt like a stuffed sausage.

Daniel Rainn Maternity - Pistaci Split Neck Maternity Blouse L ($68)

When I peeked, this top was my absolute least favorite item in the entire box. Mostly because the photo card doesn't really do it any justice whatsoever. I was hesitant to like it because I can generally buy Daniel Rainn much cheaper at TJ Maxx or Nordstrom Rack, but it's hard to find maternity at those stores. When I put it on, it was actually really tight in the shoulders and arms, but it was very promising. The main color is a very light gray with white polkda dots. It's neutral enough to go with any of my maternity pants and, while maternity, I figure I can easily wear it afterwards, too, without it screaming "maternity." I decided to exchange it for an XL and keep it. I actually received the XL this weekend and it has a bit of room, which will be good!

Loveapella - Abie Faux Wrap Knit Maternity Dress L ($68)

Remember how I said earlier that for the most part, body con is what I'm most comfortable in? This dress is the exception to that rule. I love my LulaRoe Julia dresses, which are very fitted. But this one? I don't know. I didn't feel great in it. Kinda huge, actually. I've found that I actually kind of hate the wrap top right now. It wraps weirdly on me (at least I feel like it does) and the wrap always hits smack in the middle of my boob. It's weird. I loved the pattern on this and, honestly, if it hadn't been a wrap top, I probably would have kept it and worn the mess out of it. But, yeah, my boobs don't need any extra attention. This one was sent back.

I ended up really liking this fix. I was sad I didn't get a maxi (apparently they were all summery, boo!), but was pleasantly surprised with the tops she sent. It ended up being between the dolman and the Daniel Rainn and I ultimately chose the Daniel Rainn because I need work shirts. I liked that both pieces have the ability to be worn after the baby is born. That's the hardest thing with maternity clothes, for me, is that they have a limited life span. I hate to buy too many! 

What are your thoughts? Did you like something I didn't? Would you have kept something I sent back? Happy Tuesday folks!

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  1. I agree that it can be tough to find good maternity clothes for work! I think you made a great choice on the top you kept; it looks really nice!