Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Measuring Success, November Highlights and Bumpdate! - 12/5/17

I totally missed doing my monthly progress and bumpdate last week. I'm not even going to apologize. From here until....whenever, I'm blaming it all on baby. I figure that's totally acceptable. Anyway, we're just going to do the update now. In December. And I'm going to cover some November highlights. Then we'll get back to our regularly scheduled program (whatever that may be these days...)

How far along: 27 weeks

Size of Baby: Cucumber

Cravings: Still on the Fruity Pebbles kick. And sweet tea. Other than that, I still haven't had any real crazy cravings.

Weird stuff: I've been sick for two weeks. Two. Freaking. Weeks. I hardly ever get sick and, when I do, it doesn't last very long. This makes me a terrible sick person. I also like to drug up and knock whatever I have out and that just doesn't work while growing a human. So yeah. Over it. And I haven't slept well or comfortably in I don't know how long. And most of that is from being sick and the lack of ability to breathe when not in an elevated position.

Fun stuff: We still don't have a name, but even if we did, we're keeping that under wraps until little man is here. We have jokingly started calling him LMZ for Little Man Zinn. He's very wiggly and kicking and active these days. Pretty sure he also does somersaults in there. That's all I can guess from the weird movements I feel. We have our 28 week appointment next Monday and I have my second glucose test sometime soon after that. But the fun appointment is later in December when we get our next ultrasound.

Weight gained: I have no idea. I don't get on a scale except for the morning that I'm going to the doctor. You know, have that initial shock at home versus in front of the nurse. I've been getting a LOT of comments lately. The belly definitely "popped" over the past few weeks and there isn't really much "is she or isn't she?" anymore, so comments abound! Most are positive and many have told me that I don't look huge, I look healthy and haven't gained a ton of weight. Then I have others that have asked me if I'm sure there's only one, if I'm due in January and, my personal favorite, that I waddle. I'm going with the positive comments.

Exercise: November was such a bust. It was a crazy month that ended with two weeks of being sick. If I got in two classes a week, it was a good week. Now that I'm feeling better, I'm hoping to get back to my 3-4 classes a week schedule. I feel so much better when working out!

Endurance: Gone. It's gone. There is no such thing as running anymore. Stairs are worse than ever. But then I have these moments where I can do amazing things like sprints in spin class. Then I want to die. So I'm just keeping it slow and steady. 

Classes/Exercises: I've stopped going to boot camp. It's more running than I want and, honestly, I just don't feel that up to it. I'm contemplating buying myself a pair of 5 or 8 lb weights for the house so I can keep my arms in shape, but that hasn't happened yet. I'm still doing spin, yoga and pilates. I'm now standing more in spin than sitting because, quite frankly, it hurts to sit. So I try to stick to the class as taught, but I stand when it hurts and sit when I can't breathe. And, so far, it's working for me. 

November Highlights!
November is by far my favorite month. It's my birthday, Thanksgiving and then we start the Christmas season. What's not to love?! Here are some of the fun things that happened this month!

Little Man's Room
We moved all of the furniture out of our little guy's room and into our guest room. The guest room is now a very scary place! We picked out our paint color (hooray for choosing the right one on the first try!) and spoke to a friend about doing a mural.  Aaron's done most of the painting and the mural should happen sometime this month. I'm so, so excited for this project! No worries, it'll get it's own blog post later!

Also, the lighting is terrible, but it's a really pretty Carolina (or sky) blue.

My Birthday
We celebrated my 32 birthday this year with our friends.  It was a low key, but awesome weekend. Thanks to my friend Sarah for making me this beautiful and delicious cake!

We hosted Thanksgiving again this year.  I totally forgot to take a picture of my table or the food, but it was an awesome day having all our family together.  Next year, this photo will look a little different!

Pioneer Woman came to Raleigh!

And finally, I met the Pioneer Woman (from Food Network) for the second time! She's come to Raleigh twice now and my friend Sarah and I have seen her both times.  Last time, Sarah and I were there until midnight (!) to see her, but because we were at the end of the line, we also got a little more face time.  This time, we got through much quicker but didn't get to talk to her as much. Oh well, I still love her!

How was your November?! We're already five days into December and it's already looking a little crazy.  Happy beginning of the holiday season friends! 


  1. You are looking so good! I hope to see you soon and catch up! We also don't have a name. NO idea when we'll come up with something either. At least by the time we leave the hospital, I suppose!