Friday, March 9, 2018

A Curious George Nursery

Today makes three weeks old for Carter and survival of my first week alone with him. Mom went back home last Friday and Aaron's been on his regular work schedule plus working a little late.  And, Carter is officially back up to his birth weight! It's a big week around here. So, to celebrate, I'm finally posting about Carter's nursery, his Curious George nursery to be exact. Because it's pretty dang awesome.

Before we found out that we were having a boy, I had already decided that we wanted to do a Curious George themed nursery. Also, I don't really think of it as a nursery, just Carter's room. But the world calls it a nursery, so I am. I digress. I figured either way, it would work. We could do blue walls for a boy and yellow for a girl. Turns out, finding Curious George decor is harder than you might think. Pottery Barn Kids had a bedding set a few years ago, but it's discontinued now, so it's not easy to find. And when you do, the prices are jacked up. So I looked on Pinterest, found a few ideas and went from there.

Our friend Kim is an art teacher, so we asked her to do a mural. We found a scene in the original Curious George book and gave that to her for inspiration, but the rest she did herself.  Overall, the project took about three months from beginning to end. Not that it was hard, but Aaron painted the room and trim himself, then Kim worked on her winter break. Then we had to wait for furniture to arrive...then my kid made his appearance two weeks early. We still aren't completely finished as we're waiting on our newborn photos and I want to print some of those and some from our maternity shoot and hang them in his room.  But it's kind of like your house - if you wait until you're done, it's never going to be done!

Aaron and I picked out the main color on the first try. I was actually really impressed with our color picking skills! We went to Lowe's found one we liked, did a swatch and decided it was the one. You'll have to forgive the lighting in these photos. His room is on the back of the house and doesn't get a lot of natural light. We went ahead and measured out the outline of the crib on the wall so that the mural would frame it.  It's a big tall crib and I didn't want it to mess with George.

Aaron also felt the need to label the large box on the wall. You know, just in case someone was confused. 

Then Kim started work.  I documented the progress because it was so cool to watch. She took the photo from the book and then made adjustments so that it wouldn't be too busy on the wall and would work with the furniture.  She also sketched everything free hand.  Be impressed.

The first day, she sketched and painted the grass. Then she worked on George and the Man in the Yellow hat. 

Next came the balloons and trees. And the outlining! The outlining really made everything pop!

The final details were the mushrooms and pink flowers.  Aaron is still having moments over the pink flowers in his boy's bedroom. 

We waited until after our baby shower to order the furniture. And let me tell you, it gave this mom some heartburn! We went ahead and ordered the chair early. It was a custom chair, so we needed to give it 4-6 weeks to arrive. Our baby shower was on January 27 and at that point, I knew I was going to be induced by February 23 at the latest. We ordered the furniture online with a two week delivery time frame.  It was delivered on February 9, which was good since they induced me on the 16th. Photos of the finished nursery are below with links in case you want to copy us!

The crib and dresser are both from Buy Buy Baby and are from the BassetBaby Parker collection. It's not cheap, but it's a convertible crib that will go from crib to toddler bed to full size bed. And it's made of sturdier wood than some of the others, so I'm hoping it withstands Carter probably trying to eat it. The mobile and hamper are also from Buy Buy Baby. For the bedding, I didn't try and do anything too crazy. I went with either solid colored sheets (I have light blue and yellow) or a monkey themed print that I found. 

You'll also notice a beautiful Curious George blanket on the chair.  My mom made that. It's been my friend more than Carter's lately as I use it to cover my legs while breast feeding and/or pumping in the middle of the night!

And that chair. If you're going to breastfeed, get a really comfy chair with arm rests. Life saver!

For added storage, we just did a simple nine-cubby storage shelf. We actually found this on NextDoor for $20. I got the bins and labels at Target.  The space above the cubbies is probably where we will hang the maternity and newborn photos.  My plan is to arrange them around the invitation from the baby shower. 

Finally, another angle of the room to see some of the dresser. We splurged and purchased the changing gallery for the dresser. It was an added cost, but it's made life so easy. We have everything right in arm's reach when changing Carter.  Also, this is our favorite changing pad cover.  The middle is a plastic-like material that wipes down really easily, but the whole thing can be thrown in the washing machine and dryer. The sides are a really soft, minky material. 

I'm so stinking happy with how his room turned out. It's so cute and I love that no one else will have a room just like this.  He's also blessed to have lots of talented and crafty ladies that love him. I plan on doing another post to highlight all of the beautiful handmade items that we've received for him. He's a lucky little man to have such talented ladies in his life!

I hope he loves this room for a long time to come. If not, I'll just enjoy sitting in there with him until he demands it be changed. Happy Friday everyone!

Friday, March 2, 2018

Bumpdate: Hello Mr. Carter!

Hi friends! It has been a long, long time since I've posted a blog on here! And that's for a very good reason. Our little boy made his appearance two weeks early on February 16, 2018!

Meet Mr. Carter Hollon Zinn. Born at 1:59 PM, Friday, February 16.  He was 8 pounds, 1 oz and 20 inches long.  I'm still working on his birth story, mostly because it's kinda crazy, but I though it only fitting to introduce on during my regularly schedule bumpdate post!

Carter's name was a mystery to everyone until he was born. Aaron and I had come up with two names that we liked, but hadn't settled on either one until we were in the hospital.  We'd also decided not to tell anyone the name ahead of time, much to the dismay of the grandparents.  There is no special meaning behind his first name, we just happened to like it! His middle name, however, is for my family.  I'm the last Davenport (only child and a girl!) and I wanted to carry a part of that family forward, but not necessarily Davenport. It's a little long for a middle name.  But the name Hollon is a family name.  It goes back to my dad's grandfather.  Starting with him, all the males had the middle name Hollon.  I thought it would be a very cool way to carry a piece of my family forward and let Mr. Carter be the fourth male with the middle name Hollon. Not to mention my Poppa Hollon was a remarkable man with an amazing story. All of my grandparents were, actually.

Today is Carter's actual due date and he's already two weeks old.  It's amazing the little personalities babies have.  I'm amazed each day by this tiny, perfect, complete human that somehow Aaron and I created and I grew. So far we know that he loves to be swaddled. He even earned the nickname Carter Burrito because of it! He loves sleeping on your chest.  He knows who dad is and loves to hang out with him after work.  The kid hates to be naked (truly, no idea where he gets that from - who actually likes to wear pants?!) Baths are pretty much the most traumatic thing ev-er. And he's actually a pretty chill, happy baby. He really only cries when there is something to cry about - hungry, diaper change, cold, hot, gassy. Otherwise, he's just happy to sleep or chill out with you.

First photo with dad. 

First photo with mom. 

Crabby burrito. 
It's been a wild two weeks. We spent the first 5 days of his life in the hospital and the next 3 shuffling both of us back and forth to doctor appointments. We have two more this week, then hopefully life returns back to our new normal. Aaron stayed home with us the first week and my mom came up and helped after that. I'm so grateful for both because this mom thing isn't always easy. Mostly kind of crazy. But worth it. So very worth it.

Next week I'll be back with some semblance of posts, ha. And I hope you like reading about mom life - because that's where I'll be until mid-May when I go back to work. Then it'll be working mom life! Happy Friday everyone!