Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Zinn Life Update or I'm Still Alive

Do you know how many posts I've started and not finished? Thought about blogging and then didn't do it? A lot. More than I can count. But I figured the easiest way to get back into it is to just update you guys on our life. Cause it's been a while.

If you follow me on Instagram, then you're probably familiar with some of these happenings, but not all.

Carter is 8 months!
Guys, this is crazy. I have an 8 month old. Who is also in 12 month clothing and it fits him. People tell you that the time goes by quickly, but you never realize it until you're here.

I feel like he's grown so much in the past month.  For the longest time he hated solids. He'd eat them at daycare, but not really for us. Something switched recently, though, and you can't get the food in his mouth quick enough! It's crazy! He's super curious about the world around him. He loves to be free on the floor and really, really doesn't like to be contained. He's not crawling yet, but you'd be surprised how far those little arms can take him!

My breakfast nook is now Carter land.
Things you say before you have kids: "My house will not be taken over by kid stuff! It will be pretty!"

Things you do after you have a kid:

This has always been the plan in the back of my mind, but it's been a while in the making. We have a beautiful dining room space, so we made the breakfast nook area, which is accessible from the kitchen and the living room, Carter's space. We got a LOT of the foam puzzle piece flooring and Aaron even cut it to fit the room. We have baby gates ready, too, but I'm not putting those up until we have to.

My fitness has tanked. Real bad.
My beloved Burn Athletic closed in July. And I've tried a bunch of different things to try and keep going what I had, but it's been hard! One of the instructors is opening a studio and I'm hoping to be able to be part of that, but we've also officially ordered the Peloton bike! I'm so excited!  We can work out at home, we can both use it, and I still get to do "classes" for the same price that I paid for my membership alone at Burn. I still plan to do some in-person classes, but for the most part, Peloton is going to be my new gym.

We have paid off massive debt!
We've been working really hard to pay off some debt. We've stuck to a pretty tight budget since before Carter was born and we've finally hit some of our major goals! We paid of Carter's birth sometime in May or June, but we've mostly been tackling our credit card debt, which includes Carter's nursery furniture and our couch and ottoman. We are down to just the Mazda, my student loans and our mortgage for debt. And it feels FABULOUS! And we did this paying $1,150 a month in daycare costs. You can do it!

Our next house project is painting.
When Beazer built our house, they used flat paint. Flat paint is disgusting, so we're looking at painting all of downstairs.  We're also going to be painting our master bathroom. We replaced the wall o' mirror with two framed mirrors and we're going to paint the room green.  I can't wait to show it to you once it's complete!

Blogging is going to continue!
I can't make any promises about how often it will happen. I'm trying really hard for once a week. But I'm not going to lie, if it's between blogging and time with my little or big man, I'm choosing them. But I miss this and I miss my people. So thanks for still being here andvstay tuned!