Friday, November 16, 2018

Back in the Saddle Again and It Feels So Good!

In my last post, I mentioned that we had ordered the Peloton Bike.  If you aren't sure what that is, it's a stationary bike with a giant screen where you can stream classes. It arrived this past Saturday and I did my first ride Tuesday morning. My bike is in my hallway because we haven't moved the bookshelf out of the guest room yet and my stroller fan is attached to the bike so I won't die. I got up at 5 am because Aaron went to work early and did an Advanced Beginner ride.  I am so out of shape, but I did it. And then I did two more rides this past week and an arms segment. And it felt amazing.

How We Got Here
So if you've been around here for a while, then you know that I started this blog because I was starting my fitness journey. I was trying to get healthy and lose some weight after gaining a ton at my old job. I found a gym, a tribe, that I loved and I found strength I never knew I had. I finally found confidence. Then we got pregnant with Carter. I worked out through most of my pregnancy, only stopping around 33 weeks. I slowly started working out again after I was cleared by my doctor and then my gym closed. And I kinda lost all my momentum.

Why Peloton?
My tribe has continued. The instructors stepped up big time and continued to offer classes in the park and one even started her own studio, which I hope to attend some. But working full time and having an extremely cute baby makes it hard to work out. I feel like I'm choosing between them. And my tribe is now in a location that doesn't work for me during the week. 

But with the Peloton, I don't have to choose between time with Carter or working out. Peloton has live classes all day and then those classes are archived, so I can literally do a class any time of day. I mostly did prerecorded classes this week and was still able to see other people working out with me. I did my classes at 5 am, which worked for me, and then had time to shower and put on my make-up before getting Carter up for breakfast. Aaron's also able to work out on his own profile whenever he's available.

Post second ride!
It literally costs the same as it did for just my membership to Burn. Don't get me wrong, that membership was worth every penny. And if Burn was still open, I'd still be going. But that season is over. So we found a solution that we both can use and the cost is the same. Actually, half since we both get to use it. Boom!

Also, that bike is gorgeous. It's super smooth. I did dent my wall trying to unclip, but that just means I'm not going to fall out in a crazy standing sprint, right?

But Your Tribe?
I still hope to be able to do some in person classes. I love the social aspect and still want to see my people. Plus, I like other classes too like yoga, barre and HIIT. But that's going to be on the side, not my main workout.

This is just my first week with the bike. And it's going to live in the hallway for a little bit. Cause that's how we roll right now. But I'm going to give it a month, then I'm going to do a full review. And all of this is my own opinion. I don't get anything for writing this review.  It's just one mom trying to keep herself healthy in ways that work for her and her family. My goal is to use the app five days a week. They have floor classes as well as rides, so that gives me some options.

My first ride was amazing. The music wasn't my favorite. And I'm so out of shape it's not even funny. The advanced beginner ride kicked my butt. But I literally just randomly chose that class. And it was my first since July. And the next two classes I took, I got better at picking my music and instructors. What was most amazing, though, was getting back into it. Knowing that I have options again and I'm working to get rid of this baby weight. I might even get to come off my blood pressure medication if my weight comes back down. But I have options again and it. is. amazing. And, even more so, I don't sacrifice any time with this little boy. And that's the best part of all.

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  1. I've heard a bit about Peloton from coworkers and friends, but I've been skeptical. Mostly because it's so hard for me to get motivated to work out at all and I have less success with working out at home. BUT I really like the idea of live and recorded classes. And I'd like to hear more about the arms segment - do you mean you worked out your arms? I had no idea you could do that on a bike, AND being able to do more than just ride sounds like it's a good investment. So now I'm a little more intrigued!