Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Hello 2019! Challenges and Goals for the Year

We've been in 2019 for two weeks! I'm starting this year off right - I've been riding my Peloton and cooking! I started writing this post two weeks ago and am just now posting it, so new year, still same me.  Also, as of today, I have an 11-month old. Whoa!

Last year, I chose a word for the year and set three goals. I chose 'grace' knowing that 2018 was going to be a big year and a bunch of life changes and boy was it!

Carter Hollon joined our family February 16. He was two weeks early thanks to pre-eclampsia. Being a mom has the been the best and hardest part of my life. In a matter of seconds, everything you once knew is gone and this whole new world takes over. Over the past year, I've struggled with identity loss, finding balance, finally realizing, and accepting, that rarely is there total balance.  Choosing 'grace' as my word was huge for me. It released me from so many expectations that I would have put on myself, making those struggles that much harder. Whenever I felt like I failed, I remembered to give myself some grace. And for the most part, it worked. Crying and buying things also helped.  

My three goals were to survive (which we did!), keep blogging (which I kinda did?) and to be healthy. If you take into account all that grace above, I'd say I did okay!

I've been thinking about my word for this year and I'm going with 'intentional'. I want to be intentional with my time and focus on family and relationships. I want to be intentional with Carter and what we do with the little time we have with him, his toys, the books we read, etc. I want to be intentional with our money and save more and spend less on Cookout and Taco Bell. I want to spend our money on experiences with my family. Finally, I want to be intentional with myself.

That's a big one.

So, if you follow this blog, you know that I've struggled with my weight and getting healthy. It's pretty much why this blog exists.  Turns out having a baby pretty much kills your body. I've been on blood pressure medication since Carter was born. I wasn't able to leave the hospital without it. Now, I'm also pre-diabetic. Both of those are hereditary for me, but also have everything to do with my current weight. The good news is that both of those are easily controlled by diet and exercise. The bad news, is that my diet now actually plays a role. RIP sweet tea and lovely carbs. But I need to take care of me, so I will.

In keeping with my 2019 word 'intentional,' these are the challenges and goals I've set for this year:

1. Do something athletic or to move every day. I'm not saying do a full-blown workout everyday, but rather, something that gets me moving. This is actually the winter challenge for Peloton. They've challenged their members to do a class every day from January 7 - February 5. It can be a full blown class or just a 5 minute stretch. And with the Peloton, I have no excuses. I can do a ride, yoga, a 10 minute core or arms workout, or 5 minute stretch. But doing something that gets me moving every day makes me focus on my health much more than I ever have before.  So far, I've only missed one day since starting this challenge on the 5th!

2. Eat out twice a week or less. I started this challenge for January with Aaron. We eat out WAY too much. My credit card bill in January was a clear indication of that. And it's not even that great - it's a bunch of dirty chinese (you know, the places in the strip mall), Cookout and Taco Bell. If we only eat out twice a week, we are going to choose better places. And I'm going to eat a lot better!  Do I think this will always happen? No, that's why it's a challenge!

3. Do date night/date day monthly. Ya'll, I love my doctor. I never had a general practitioner (GP) before Carter because I never got sick (that had nothing to do with my immune system and everything to do with not having a kid!), but now I have one and she is amazing. She also has five kids and understands the working mom struggle. She suggested we do date "days" and let daycare do the babysitting. We've done it a few times, but I want to make sure we do it or a date night at least monthly.

4. Do a family day once a month. I was writing out these challenges and goals and I thought about the fact that I had nothing for Carter! I don't really want to emphasize things like "no screen time" or other things that just make me feel like a bad parent. Instead, I want to focus on things we can do together. Our weekends tend to be full of errands and social gatherings, etc. I want to focus more on the three of us and do something as a family once a month. That could be going to one of the museums in the Triangle, going to the park, a day trip somewhere, etc. But a day or afternoon that is just about us being together.

5. Be better about blogging. I kind of fell off the face of the earth blog-wise after Carter. It's hard. I work full time, mom and wife full time. So I don't always have time. But I'm forever thinking about things I could blog about and then forget to sit down and actually do it. So, this is me, intentionally stating that I'm going to do better at this. Will I? Who knows. Hopefully! 

So, this is me in the beginning of 2019. Starting my journey to a healthy me all over again, mom to an almost one year old, community development professional (you know, my real job) and, hopefully, still a blogger. Let's do this guys! 


  1. I love all of your goals. I didn't choose a word for the year, but I think if I had, it would have also been intentional. That's the concept that keeps creeping up for me all the time, wanting to be intentional about the decisions I make for myself and my family, and not just doing something to get it done or because I feel like I "have" to. I've enjoyed watching Carter grow and feeling like I've been there for you on this journey. Best of luck to you this year.

    Also, Cookout and Taco Bell? A girl after my own heart!! <3

  2. I love your goals! And I'm super jealous of the Peloton - my husband and I have been kinda wanting one, but there's no place we could put it. I totally sympathize with the challenge to eat out less and try to eat out at nicer places when you do go out. It's such a struggle when you're hooked on convenience! And I *hate* cooking, ugh. You've got this though! I can't wait to hear how 2019 turns out for you!