Monday, April 15, 2019

Favorite Finds (Lately!)

Guys it has been for-ev-er since I posted. But, that's life.  I've been working on losing the rest of this baby weight and have been in "treat yo-self!" mode for a while. I have found some really good stuff and I just really wanted to share it with you! And I don't make commission off any of these links, I just really, really like this stuff.

Pink Ombre Raffia Earring

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A girl that I used to buy LulaRoe from started her own boutique called I always loved her style and, truthfully, it was a big reason why I bought so much from her! I picked up these earrings, a pair of shoes (see below) and a top from her new shop. These are a bit bigger than my usual style but I've been wearing them on repeat and have gotten so many compliments! They're light and fun and perfect for spring and summer!

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I picked these up with the earrings. They run a little big, but I didn't want to pay to ship them back, so I kept them. Wearing sock liners has helped! I've had them for a week and have already worn them twice! I do recommend sizing down. I'm between an 8.5 and 9 and the 8.5 is almost too big. They are really fun and I've gotten lots of compliments on these too. Also, $26 for a fun pair of trendy shoes is just right.

I have an impromptu mid-week day off when my office moved buildings this past week and I treated myself to a little shopping.  Loft has always been one of my go-to stores. In fact, as I've been fitting back into my pants, pretty much all of them are from Loft. I was looking for some capris and I found this cute, bright top. I wore it to work last Thursday and I can tell you it's going to be on repeat. My favorite part is the sleeves - a fun detail, but they don't get in your way. Bonus - it's also in plus sizes!

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Another item I found during my impromptu day off! Nordstrom Rack is one of my favorite places to get lost for a few hours. I rarely actually buy stuff, but I have found some awesome pieces, including this super comfy denim jacket. Jackets are usually not my thing because they're sto stiff, but this one is buttery soft. I don't feel like my movement is restricted at all and it's under $50.  It's also available in plus sizes. I highly, highly recommend it!

I've also bought a couple tops and some super cute shoes off Poshmark, like these shoes!

I probably need to chill out on the shopping for a while, but it's nice to not hate your body and to try and clothes and they actually fit. Let me know if you end up picking any of these items up, I'd love to twin you!