Friday, August 23, 2019

Carter is 18 Months Old!

My son turned 18 months old this past Friday. The last update I did on my little man was the photos from his first birthday in January. And man has he changed!

I can honestly say that it's taken me 18 months to find my balance again, or what balance there is as a parent. I tried, and failed, to keep up with the blog during the past 18 months and it wasn't until recently that I really thought, "okay, I can do this again!"  So, if you're still here after all those random posts every 2-3 months, thank you! You're the best!

Now let's talk about my favorite little dude!

Name: Carter Hollon

Age: 18 Months

Favorite Food: Mandarin oranges, yogurt and bananas (and anything messy!)

Favorite Character/Show: Octonauts and Sesame Street

Favorite Toy: His green frog that he pulls around behind him and his train.

Words: Wow, ball, book, bye bye, mama, daddy, yeah, bubbles, mine (his favorite!), no and hi

Loves: Outside! He loves to run around, be curious and get into ev-er-y-thing. He loves going to see Miss Pam at school and he loves cuddles, though they are more like drive-by cuddles now. He loves to be silly and play around with you and "helping."

Dislikes: Being told no, not being able to do something himself.  He also doesn't like to be around a ton of people at once (that's my kid).

Clothing Size: 2T

Shoes: Toddler 5 (he has some tiny feet!)

Favorite Moment: My favorite time of day with Carter is bedtime. We change him into PJs, he drinks his milk and then gets a cuddly. We attempt (and usually fail) to read a book and then we have the ritual of kisses and a bedtime song. It doesn't matter how crazy my day has been, doing this every night resets all the stressful things that have happened.

We love our sweet wild man! Happy half birthday kiddo!

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