Wednesday, August 28, 2019

What Mama Bought: August 2019 Edition

This month has been a flurry of packages arriving in the mail, much to Aaron's dismay. Ha. But I've found some really good local businesses that I'm loving and have bought some items that you might be considering yourself. Plus, I thought this might be a fun new series covering everything from clothes and shoes to household stuff. You know - mom life.

My name is Sarah and I have a big earring problem. I love earrings and I like 'em big! I also have been buying them pretty frequently as of late. I don't wear many necklaces now (toddler life) and bracelets are hard to wear with a desk job. So earrings it is! I discovered LBH Style on Etsy and then they split and became Epp and Co and Pierce and Hide. Here are a few of the earrings that I've bought and love!

Pierce and Hide Coral and Birch Split Disk 
Epp & Co Turkish Tile and Wood Circle Drop
Not going to lie, I've bought a LOT of earrings from both sites. A ridiculous amount. It's a problem, I know. But they are so cute! And reasonable!

Peloton Apparel
One of my friends used my referral code to get herself a Peloton (go girl!). That got her $100 off accessories and I got $100 to spend in the Peloton Apparel Store! Now, $100 doesn't go very far in the Peloton Apparel store, ha. And you have to use it all at once. You get free shipping if you spend $50 - that's after all the coupons and discounts. So, I ended up getting an instructor inspired bra (yay Emma!) and two tops. That was about $48 out of pocket. I was worried about sizing, as they all looked from the measurements like they ran small, but the two larges I got fit perfectly and the XL was a little big.

Peloton Outside Track Tank - XL
Photo courtesy of Peloton Apparel
This one I got in an XL based on the size chart and it's a little big on me.

Inspired by Emma Bra - L

Photo courtesy of Peloton Apparel
Emma is my girl! Lately, I've been doing her Crush Your Core series, but I also love her rides. She did an all Red Hot Chili Peppers ride and in general her rides are a good mix of pop and rock. I got this bra in a L and it fits great!

Peloton Tank

I got another tank from Peloton, but it doesn't look like it's available on the site anymore. I got this one in a large and love it! For reference, I'm a pretty solid size 14 and L in tops, XL in most bottoms.

Kitchen Stuff
August has been the month of kitchen gadgets! I bought some new Instant Pot accessories and I finally broke down and got myself an air fryer. I was contemplating it on Prime Day, but couldn't really decide if I really wanted one or not. Eventually, I decided I did want it and used my rewards and coupons to order one.

I chose the Go Wise 3.7 quart for one very important reason - it fit the space requirements.  We have a rule in the Zinn house - if you buy something, it has to have a home.  That home cannot be on a counter. Or freezer (I tried that one, too). I cleared out space under my island for the air fryer, but didn't realize they were so big! I had to measure the space and then I chose the model with the best reviews that fit my dimensions.  The handle did break when I got it out of the box, but I contacted GoWise and they are sending me a new handle! I've been cooking with the broken handle, though, and it's worked just fine.

And, of course, as soon as I ordered that, I ordered the Skinnytaste Air Fryer Cookbook to go with it.

Stitch Fix - Buy Your Items
Stitch Fix has this new service where you can go in and buy new colors of items you've already purchased. The inventory changes all the time, I'm talking like within 30 minutes sometimes, which creates a really high fear of mission out (FOMO). So far, I've bought two items through this new service.  The one bought this month was a new blazer. I've had the grey version of this for a few months and loved it so much, I vowed to myself that I would buy it in other colors if they came available. And it did! I bought the blush pink and I'm excited to wear it!

Skies Are Blue Hannah Modal Scuba Blazer - $88
I was really excited for this service, and I still stalk the page, but I don't like the amount of FOMO induced buying it can cause. Yes, we're adults and should be able to control our spending, but it just seems a little predatory? I will say that I was part of the beta testers and recommended that they add extra sizes you could purchase, not just your original size. I'm sure multiple people also made that suggestion, but I was happy to see it implemented in the full roll out.

I realized the other day that at some point, Franco Sarto became the new Nine West in my closet. Nine West used to be my go-to brand for cute, trendy work shoes that were reasonably priced. But I rarely go to the outlets anymore and I don't wear heels as much as I used to, so they slowly eased their way out of my closet. And apparently Franco Sarto stepped right in!

Franco Sarto Honey2 Flat
Photo courtesy of

I picked these up at a DSW clearance sale for $40. Yes, in light pink. I went up a half size to a 9 for comfort and put a heel pad in to keep the shoes on.  I also bought a pair of light green Sperry tennis shoes, but those aren't available on the site anymore.

There you have it folks! Most of what I've bought this month. Did you take the plunge on any big items this month? And let me know if you like the idea of this as a monthly series or not! Happy Wednesday!

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