Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Stitch Fix Review: September 2019

It has been a LONG time since I've done a Stitch Fix review! I've been getting boxes every other month, like I have for the past four years!, but I haven't done any reviews on them lately.  I received my September box and thought this would be a great time to pick it back up!

If you haven't heard of or tried Stitch Fix before, it's a styling service. They offer styling for women (including maternity!), men and kids. To sign up, you go to and fill out a style profile, answer some questions and then you get a fix with five items. The styling fee is $20 and it can be applied to any items that you purchase.  If you use my referral link (click here) then you get $25 credit and so do I!

For this box, I requested transitional pieces and accessories if they worked with the pieces sent. I also asked for color, specifically jewel tones. The last few fixes I've received a lot of black, olive and other dark neutrals. They're great but I LOVE color! I wasn't too sure what my fix was going to look like this time because after my last fix, which felt totally rushed and like everything was just thrown into a box, I left some fairly harsh constructive criticism and checked the box for Stitch Fix to decide if I would get a new stylist or keep my current one. I've had Kelly for probably two years and she's had me nailed on style, but the last few have been duds.

I peaked when I got the email that my fix had shipped and it looked promising.  When my fix arrived, I was happy to see that Kelly was back as my stylist and that she was on her A-game!

Daniel Rainn Collie Draped Front Lace Detail Knit Top - XL ($58)

Initially, I thought I was going to love this top. The lace detail is fun and the color is great. But it also looks like a lot of other tops that I own. I'm also pretty close to being in a Large, so this was too big on me, but I also wasn't sure that the Large would fit right.

Collective Concepts Woodford Tie Sleeve Blouse - XL ($64)
This top was not my favorite originally. When I first put it on, I thought it looked too matronly. I have a lot of navy tops and brushed it aside. I'd actually decided to send it back when I took the photos for this post and realized it's actually really cute on!

I think styling it with my jeans (similar here) and booties (similar here) really brought it to life. I recently styled it for work with some brushed dark red pants and it was perfect!

Gorjhana Chloe Small Stud Earrings - $35

 These are by far my favorite item from this whole fix! They work perfectly with every single item sent and they are studs, which means I'm less likely to have them ripped from my head by my toddler. They also come in silver and gold, but I just love the rose gold.  If I had to choose just one item to keep from this box, this would be it. 

Daniel Rainn Darrel Crochet Yoke Knit Top - XL ($58)

I loved this top from the first time I peaked at my fix! Trying it on just confirmed how much I love it. The material is like a t-shirt, so it's super soft, the but pleating also helps it lay nicely. The lace detail at the top makes it dressy enough for work, but it can also easily be worn on the weekend. The arms are a tiny bit big on me, but it's not noticeable and I knew sizing down wasn't going to work either.  I planned to wear this for our family photos last week, but they got rescheduled. It's still hanging, waiting for picture, so you'll be seeing this again sometime in the future!

Bobeau Jemmy Brushed Open Pocket Cardigan - XL ($58)

My sister-in-law was over watching Carter for me when my box arrived and when I pulled this out and made her feel it, she commented that I was making her want to try a box again. It's that good! This cardigan is so super soft and I love the green. I will say that I could have easily sized down to a Large on this, but I like the slouchy feeling of the XL. I have beautiful, figure flattering, professional cardigans that fit, but there is something to be said about a cozy, slouchy cardigan for fall and into winter. 

I tried styling this with the red top above, but I looked like a Christmas tree. So I grabbed this top from one of my original fixes about five years ago! 

Usually, I tell you what I kept and didn't keep throughout the blog post, but I didn't this time because I kept everything! However, I only kept the first item, the draped top, because I generally liked it and I wanted the 25% discount. I sold it on Poshmark a few days ago. 

Overall, I was really happy with this fix. It felt like the Kelly I loved was back and she took the time to pick items that would work for me and would complement each other. With the discount and taxes, it was $220 for this box. It's definitely not the cheapest way to shop, but I've found that Stitch Fix items are great quality and that I wear them over and over. It's also really hard to shop now that I have a son, so this is a really nice treat! 

What do you think? What's your favorite item of these? What would you have kept?

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